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Against the Golden Race
A Rational Definition and Survey of Human Culling

Last night he approached me, the man for whom my kind, and his grandparent’s varied kind, and the other intact races of man shall be ushered off the planet to make way for.

He was tall and well formed, of slightly muted golden skin, gold if it could tarnish. His hair was the felt-like composite of round Asian hair, light Caucasian locks and genetically straightened afro, that one only gets by mixing a mulatto with a Caucasian-Asian hybrid: half Caucasian, one quarter Asian and one quarter black.

The young fellow inquires, in English, un-muddled by the slouching portion of his heritage, as to his bus connect, his safety, the distance—all of the many things a woman would ask, knowing that she couldn’t handle what the night brings when the savages from Fox Ridge come hunting at midnight. His meek, polite demeanor and off-putting appearance elicited my help, and as he sat, wondering if the hunters would get him after I left, or if he would luck out and catch the #24 to Whispering Woods before the raiders caught him, I could not help but recall that he is the color that every white woman attempts to achieve when she goes tanning, the color that every black woman wishes she were, the color that a team of anthropologists declared about a decade ago, that the entire human race would be before this century was done.

There he sat, the perfect, bland, nonthreatening, mono-cropped human—the apogee of the domesticated hominid, an ape that The God of Things could trust, the ape that would seek nothing but safety, security, comfort, pleasure and approval, the globalists endgame, the dent corn of sapient grain. There he sat, beautiful and useless as a dick on Sister Assumpta, the ancient nun that presided over my first year of indoctrination into the lie that is this nation, the nation that looks at this pretty, experimental drone on that bus stop bench—his chin in his hands wondering about nothing more than what a rabbit considers as it eats clover at dawn—and names him not only black of race, but a man, that term having been reduced to mere biology.

I have spent my life, since I finally learned how to read, wondering about early man, the age of exploration, the massive loss of cultural diversity ushered in by the wooden ships and iron men who cast a net around the world and drew it tight. Having always been fascinated by the idea of exotic races living in remote places, here I stood under the bright light of the falling moon, next to a designer person who looked like he could have been the crown prince of some sissy fairyland, in the most remote place urban blight and transit planning can produce—and I wondered.

Having grown up and worked with a number of Jews, I have many times been afflicted by their terminal question. Upon finding out I read a lot of history, all 9 of the Jewish people I have been close to, have asked me a version of the following question:

“We are taught that no other people has been hunted and persecuted like the us, that no other people have been the subject of an attempted extermination, that no other people have had their children killed, that no other people have been branded like cattle. Is this true?”

Always feeling pity for people who have been so extensively lied to and brainwashed, I have never said “no,” nor could I say “yes” with a clear conscience. My answers tended to sound something like this, pulled off the top of my head: Neanderthals, Tasmanians, Henderson Islanders, Canaanites, Knossians, Trojans, Thespians, Aeginetians, Naxosians, Etruscans, Thebans, Carthaginians, Thracians, Sybarites, Thassosians, Israelites, Dacians, the ten tribes that Alexander wiped out—whatever they called themselves, Irish, The Raccoons, the Big Waters, The Allegheny, the Wompanoag, Mandoag, Timucan, Arawak, Taino, the people of Darien, the seven distinct sub-races of the Canary Islands, Hottentots, Susquehannocks, Potomacs, Nanticokes, Jomon, the Uruguayan Aboriginies, the Paraguayans [most complete modern genocide of a civilized state], Armenians, Ukrainians, European Jewry, Don Cossacks, Gypsies, Cambodians, Rwandan merchants & herdsmen at the hands of their banana farmers neighbors…

I have butchered some of these names, having used no book, but you get the point. These folks either left me, head hung low, or they began to debate:

“But children?”

I answer that every single Tasmanian was hunted and murdered, that most Indian tribes slaughtered the children of the tribes they rubbed out, etc. Now I can add that the Irish were branded.

The point is, when I was recently asked this question by a Jewish person, it occurred to me that the world we live in is such a refined lie that it does not make sense—you must believe.

Think of the three foundational beliefs of postmodern ethical history:

1. Only the blacks have been enslaved, based on their race [hello Irish and Slavs, after whom the name slave was formed]

2. Only European Jewry has been the subject of a genocide. [Actually the Romans did a better job in 70s A.D. Judea on the Jews than the Nazis did with modern technology.]

3. Only European Christians and Nazis systematically killed people based on their ethnicity.

We live in a world where the basic driving force of human history is denied and assigned to a few maniacs and white people. The same powers that wish us to believe these lies want us to become one race.

Towards the end of becoming more hated, I will take some time every once in a while, over the coming years, to research and properly present one of the main cases I typically spout off about. Look for these short, uplifting accounts under this tag, Against the Golden Race.

A Bright Shining Lie at Dusk

A Partial Exhumation of the American Dream

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BobApril 16, 2017 11:34 PM UTC

I'm a Holocaust apostate, who lost faith after several years of studying what is presented as the greatest crime of all time in terms of both scale and will. The truth will set you free, but it will sure make you miserable. This said, anyone who wants to challenge some very deeply entrenched narratives could do worse than watch <i>One Third of the Holocaust</i> on Youtube. It barely scrapes the surface, but will open up the question to rational thought, as opposed to religious dogma.

@ Sam J.:

That's not accurate about Europeans being push-overs. Indeed, Jews' fortunes followed a predictable zig-zag of enormous success followed by banishment. Church and society were successful in circumscribing Jewish power without great blood-letting (most pogrom narratives are fictitious). If anything, the Jews' singular hatred for Europeans is to be ascribed to the latter's ability to defy domination. The modern State, with its history of destroying all competing intermediate institutions, has given the Jews the best chance since Bolshevism of dominating the European peoples. Putting all eggs in one basket is no less dangerous in politics than in portfolio management.
Sam J.April 13, 2017 11:18 PM UTC

I think it very likely the Jews will try and find a way to kill everyone in the USA, Europe, Russia and China. All of the first are beginning to understand that the Jews are really leaving us no out. A fellow commented on the Jews on another blog and said that they don't play chess they play poker and every hand they are all in. I found this an astoundingly good simile. I, and many others, believe this is genetic. They just can not stand anyone else in charge and hate everyone they have continuous contact with that they don't control. In the past they dealt with Europeans who are push overs believing in such things as human rights, law and order and all that while they believe in none of this. This worked great as long as they had somewhere to bolt to where they hadn't been in the last 100 years or so and they could start their laments over how mean those other people were thet abused them. This sort of aggression and intensity has taken them to the top but they don't know what to do at the top. Any fool knows when you're on top you have to modulate your demands a bit. You can't jeep on trying to crush everyone but I don't believe they have the capacity to think this way.

They could have worked out something in Israel with the Arabs and Palestinians but instead they did 9-11 and pushed to break up all the States around them.

They're like people who shit all in their house and then complain when it stinks and they get sick.

Any of you ever read


Google has started censoring him big time. Wiped him off the web. He mostly talks about shelters and how they are going to nuke us all. Scary.