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Ringside at the Hipocalypse
An Compendeum of Anarcho-Tyranny News

No African gang violence to see here folks…move along now…

“So all the people who reported being robbed and assaulted by Africans were colour-blind? Give us a break! Victoria police are notorious for cover-ups so the report below should be taken with a shaker full of salt. But you can to some extent read between the lines. Take this neat little utterance: "Predominantly, a large cohort of that gang was in fact Australian-born offenders," Deputy Commissioner Patton said. Maybe they were. But who were their parents? Africans? In any case, the problem is African crime, not one particular gang. And African crime is huge in Melbourne, as it is wherever there are Africans.” - John J. Ray, MA PhD, Brisbane, AU – Political Correctness Watch - Blogspot

Apex crime gang declared a 'non-entity' by Victoria Police

The rule of three in Canada

Three banks in succession turned to be a little too ambitious though…a bank too far.

Three charged with robbery after cops stop getaway cab

Tommy, the BT-1200 Series Have Been Deployed!

“An autopsy found that Joyner-Francis, who had a rare heart condition undetected by her doctors, died of sudden cardiac death, aggravated by physical and emotional stress from the April 2016 fight at Howard High School of Technology in Wilmington.”

“While it may be true that Amy Joyner-Francis, due to her condition would have died from a multitude of stressors, until such an event occurred, if at all, she had a right to live one more day, one more week, one more month or year, until her time, without a contributing cause of another,” said Coonin, agreeing with prosecutors that the fatal encounter was an “attack,” not a fight.”

“Coonin said the girl convicted of homicide “struck the first blow without warning, and carried on the relatively brief but violent attack.”

“Dr. Richard Ringel, a pediatric cardiologist and professor at Johns Hopkins University, testified that Joyner-Francis had Eisenmenger syndrome, an extremely rare condition for someone her age in which a heart defect combines with severe pulmonary hypertension. He said there was no way of knowing Joyner-Francis was at risk of sudden death, any more than an apparently healthy athlete who exerts himself one day then suddenly collapses and dies the next day.”

“Defence attorneys argued that the death of Joyner-Francis was unforeseeable and suggested that she was a willing participant in a fight. Prosecutors said Joyner-Francis was not looking for a fight, but trying to avoid one.”

Teen girl convicted in fatal school bathroom fight

Unruly teenagers terrorize and rob parkgoers with gun at Brooklyn Bridge Park

Lesson learned
if anybody, anybody at all, ever asks you to pick up something for them at their ex’s house, DON”T GO THERE!

Kansas woman accused of decapitating ex-boyfriend's grandma

Motorcycle rider beheaded in San Bernardino freak accident

MS-13 in Long Island

“Four young men were brutally beaten and killed with a sharp object in a Long Island Park – and cops are looking into whether the violent MS-13 gang is behind the slayings.”

“The victims’ bodies were discovered in a wooded area inside Recreation Village Town Park in Central Islip Wednesday at 8 p.m., several hundred feet south of the soccer fields, according to Suffolk Police Commissioner Timothy Sini. Sources said the bodies were beginning to decompose and that MS-13 is believed to be behind the slayings.”

“There’s no question MS-13 still exists in Suffolk County,” Sini said Thursday at a press conference. “This is a long-term war and make no mistake about it – it’s a war. It’s all hands on deck until we solve these murders.”

“…One of the accused gangbangers, Edwin Antonio “Strong” Amaya-Sanchez, a leader of an MS-13 chapter, was deported in 2010 but sneaked back into the country four years later.”

Four bodies found in park likely beaten to death by MS-13, relatives say

Don’t make the black kids angry.

Black on black murder in the stop and rob.

Lesson learned: whenever dindus start accusing you of things you didn’t do, then leave. Immediately. It doesn’t matter if you are in the right, the dispute is likely to turn out badly for you if you remain. Even if there is only one dindu present, his cell phone will allow him to summon reinforcements, and fire support, very quickly.

Greer, 45, and a friend were buying beer at Mothers Food and Liquor in Milwaukee on April 1 when an 18-year-old behind them in the register line accused them of picking up a $20 bill he said he had dropped, according to court records.

Greer and his friend denied it but the teen, Javerius Walton-Smith, wouldn't let it go and followed them out of the store, the criminal complaint says.

Walton-Smith said the clerk would show the store video, so Greer and his friend returned to the shop where the security video showed the two had not picked up any money.

Walton-Smith, enraged, made a call for help and began to fight the two men he had accused, the complaint says.

Two other men, Melvin Aldridge and Tony Dean McCaskill-Johnson, arrived to help Walton-Smith, according to police.

Greer's friend told police he heard a gunshot during the fray and saw McCaskill-Johnson, 35, with a gun, according to the complaint.

Greer was shot in the chest and died Saturday. McCaskill-Johnson wounded himself in the hand by accident and was taken to St. Joseph's Hospital where police intercepted him and interviewed him, the complaint says.

Man shot, killed over mistaken $20 theft

Cuz 911 is a Joke

Sounds like a collection of white dope fiends were trying to shakedown some old folks. The old folks called their grandson before they called the cops…’cuz 911 is a joke.

Neighbor, grandson hold 4 men at gunpoint to help couple in their 80s

A Man With A Name You Can Trust

It was consensual. He pleaded insanity…he was crazy about the little bitch.

Basketball coach, 26, accused of raping a girl, 13, in Baltimore City

Carl Trusty also faces sex abuse, related charges

More on the Harm City police consent decree

Baltimore Anti-Cop Consent Decree Imposed

Judge Bredar slaps down Sessions' pleas—as the Ferguson effect grabs hold.

An Obama-appointed judge is moving forward with a federal takeover of the Baltimore, Md. police department that critics say will boost crime there by handcuffing police officers in the increasingly violent city.

The pleas of U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions fell on deaf ears as U.S. District Judge James K. Bredar, appointed by President Obama in 2010, denied a request from Sessions to hold off on enforcing the consent decree drafted by cop-haters for at least 30 days so the new Trump administration could assess the underlying settlement.

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Condom-clogged pipe led to prostitution bust at massage parlor—law/police-condom-clogged-pipe-led-prostitution-bust-massage-parlor/yE3sKXdfY8WlH3S8ic71bP/

Baltimore County iWatch Logo

I frequent this area often. Mobs of hoodrats are roaming more openly at all hours since the crackdown on the corrupt City Cops—which does not make any sense as this is in the County, but it is the only correlating condition.

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Police and Fire News

Police Involved in Shooting in Parkville Area

Apr 12, 2017 7:38:00 AM EDT

On April 12, 2017 just before 4:30 a.m., Baltimore County Police received a call for a suspect breaking into cars in the area of Hillendale Road and Northview Road, 21234.

A Baltimore County officer arrived in the area of the call and observed a man attempting to conceal himself from the officer's view, turning his back towards the officer. The officer approached the man and called out to him. As the officer walked in his direction, the man turned around facing the officer and reached for a gun inside of the waistband of his pants. The officer observed the suspect reaching for the gun and yelled for the man to stop. The suspect continued to pull the gun and the officer fired multiple shots from his service weapon. The suspect was struck and suffered a wound to the lower body. A handgun was recovered at the scene of the shooting.

Being a Bad Man in a Worse World

Fighting Smart: Boxing, Agonistics & Survival

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