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More on's Man of the Year
Jeremy Bentham Reporting on the Man Hunt

Look, if people can like Trump "for having balls" as defined by unleashing hell on robed homos living in caves, then I can like this guy for taking on the biggest power on earth.

A thoroughly dangerous man. And he hasn’t even killed anyone yet. The authorities are offering a bigger reward for Jakubowksi than they did for John Dillinger. On its face at least. However, adjusted for inflation the $10,000 dollar reward the government offered for John Dillinger’s capture in 1934 would be worth $182,903.03 in 2017 USD.

“Authorities have been searching for Jakubowski since April 4, when authorities believe he stole 18 firearms from a gun store in Janesville, Wisconsin, about 70 miles (110 kilometers) southwest of Milwaukee.”

“Rock County Sheriff Robert Spoden has said Jakubowski threatened to attack schools and public officials in the 161-page manifesto that he mailed to President Donald Trump.

“Authorities are offering a reward of $20,000, which is an increase from the previous amount of $10,000.”

Wisconsin authorities raise reward amount for suspect in manhunt

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