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Serious Haitian Zombie Research
Deuce on Hanley

Deuce, a Robert E. Howard Historian, has sent me this fascinating link, of which I only had time to read the first page. It is insane that anyone would lay Haitian Voodoo practices at the door of American intervention, as the Mamaloi's and Papaloi's were known to be practicing 150 years before American involvement on the island. Also, Howard's tales of Juju men in the Piney Woods of the South may have had their own roots in Haitian immigration up the Mississippi, where Nation of Islam credo says that early founders of that Detroit-based organization were Haitian mystics who journeyed to the Great Lakes Region via New Orleans and the great river. I won't be able to get to it this week, so am linking it with two suggested readings on the subject:

On Safari With A Boy Named Ford

‘The Curse Of Heaven’

Hanley has been doing a great job tearing apart the Left's narrative that zombies are all about modern US intervention in Haiti etc. He digs DEEP. About 15 posts. His site is also great just for the WT stuff.

Hanley really digs down into how the zombie first entered Western culture. He has no liking for Leftists and their reindeer games.

BTW, he's putting together a magazine with a "pulp" aesthetic. I'd like to see it succeed. Here's the lowdown:


By the Wine Dark Sea

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