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Site Update

Dear Readers,

My health has recently taken a comprehensive nosedive.

My top priority is completing numerous books that are close to finished.

In conversation I am choosing the wrong words consistently—like saying "teakwood" instead of "hello." It's time to hurry up and finish projects.

My posts will by limited to

1. interview transcripts,

2. brief observations,

3. writing exercises—concept work pretty much being beyond me at this point

4. and escaped white slave ads, which hardly any of you are interested in, but reflects a promise I made.

Any concept pieces I do write will be for the BlogSpot Lynn operates for me.

The email box is probably at 250 by now, so guest posts will be limited to 3 a day which means I'll never catch up with the content stream. Multiple posts from one writer will be posted in the order they were sent, unless titled "Breaking News", in which case I'll snag it first, in an attempt to be timely.

I will approve comments daily, beginning Monday 4/17, but will not read or answer any. In the past the only comments I have not approved were targeted at female contributors and they numbered only 2. So, even though these comments are supposedly subject to review and approval by myself, they are not. Treat them as the free, automatically posted speech of the commentator.

I am sorry to be taking these measures, but the site has become too busy for me to manage in between writing at my best, and my best is in the past now. There is no limit to the content that can be pasted into the comment box, so If you have something urgent to say, put it there. I plan on approving comments on every day I am able to get online, which is not every day, but at least five out of seven.

I expect to check my inbox for emails on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

I've turned the cell phone off, so don't bother calling.

Thanks for your support,


James, 4/16/17

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Sam J.April 18, 2017 7:22 AM GMT+4

"...4. and escaped white slave ads, which hardly any of you are interested in, but reflects a promise I made..."

I read a bunch of these because I felt I had a...duty to. I think they're important but they depress me so I don't read most of them.
BobApril 16, 2017 11:14 PM GMT+4

Sorry to hear this. "Know thyself" is about as good as it gets.

For "Rosebud", read "Teakwood", and there's your movie script.
Sam J.April 16, 2017 5:38 PM GMT+4

I'm sorry to hear this. My health is also...not so good. I wish you well and thank you.
AnonymousApril 16, 2017 11:46 AM GMT+4

Best of luck to you, man, and thank you.