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Thugs in Toy Land
Berkeley Riot Coverage, With Video

Pretty much what we’ve come to expect from the Communist Antifa thugs. Berkley is their home turf, they know they won’t get charged with anything serious there. So the Berkley Commies are bold like a dog in his own yard.

If and when the Department of Justice starts prosecuting the Commie thugs for violating the civil rights of Trump supporters, then we’ll see what they’re really made of.

VIDEO: Trump supporter beaten with skateboard by agitators at Berkeley rally

Arrests made as protesters clash at pro-Trump rally in Berkeley

“At the Saturday rally Southern told Berkeleyside, a local online news site, that people should “stop supporting antifa,” using a slang term for “anti-fascist.”

“You see them all over the media saying ‘should we punch Nazis? Yes, we should punch Nazis’ when their interpretation of Nazi is anyone to the right of Marx,” she said, while adding “I totally support progressive free speech 100 percent.”

By Cynthia Dizikes

MSN | 04/15/217

Thriving in Bad Places

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