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Harm City Week in Review
Jeremy Bentham on Life in Guiltopia

Slain Baltimore police officer's son shot, killed

No holiday from murder in Harm City

Baltimore City Police investigate two homicides on Easter Sunday

Another Nutty Polack

“Joseph Woznik, 23, is accused of breaking into an Episcopal church, a Romanian Orthodox church, a Hindu temple, and a Roman Catholic church in Queens starting March 21, the reported. “I’m mad at God. I don’t like church no more. I don’t want to deal with religion. I’m sick and tired of hearing about religion. I don’t break into houses, only churches. I break in to get back at God,” Woznik allegedly told police.’

“Woznik was arrested Tuesday and charged with multiple counts of burglary and grand larceny as hate crimes, the reported. If convicted, Woznik faces up to 15 years behind bars, police said. Police also said Woznik was caught on two video cameras during the burglaries and confessed to his crimes.”

Homeless Man Allegedly Broke into 4 Houses of Worship to ‘Get Back at God’

And Your Little Dog, Too

I’ll get you…and your little dog too!

Woman gets life for terrorizing granddaughter while dressed as witch

OKC woman who used witch persona in child abuse sentenced to three life terms

We Are Such Sissies that Even Our Killers Cry

Former NFL star Aaron Hernandez, already serving a life sentence for a 2013 murder, was acquitted Friday in a 2012 double slaying prosecutors said was fueled by his anger over a drink spilled at a nightclub.

The former New England Patriots tight end choked back tears as the verdicts were read in court. A few moments later, he looked back at his fiancee and nodded somberly as relatives of the victims sobbed loudly. A defense attorney hugged him.

After six days of deliberations, the jury found Hernandez not guilty of first-degree murder in the killings of Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado but convicted him of unlawful possession of a gun. The judge sentenced him to an additional four to five years in prison, separate from his existing life sentence.

Suffolk District Attorney Daniel Conley said the victims' families were devastated by the verdicts and by the defense's portrayal of the men as "gang bangers" and "drug dealers."

"These were two hardworking, humble, Cape Verdean immigrants," Conley said. "It was unnecessary, and it was wrong, and it shouldn't have been done."

Ex-NFL star Hernandez acquitted in Boston double murder

Bitches be Crazy Update

Baltimore woman charged with arson in Somerset County

A Civil War II update as well.

Politically motivated arson in Maryland. The suspect is accused of setting fire to a billboard whose message she objected too.

Baltimore woman charged with arson in Somerset County

Man hospitalized after Saturday morning fire in Baltimore City

A Tale of Two Parties

The Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta, GA compared to Black Spring Break/Black Beach Weekend/ Freaknick in Biloxi, MS? I don’t believe that is exactly an apples to apples comparison given the very different age and socio-economic status of the groups in attendance. It would be more equitable to compare Black Spring Break in Biloxi with a similar gatherings of white young people such as the spring break celebrations in places like Padre Island, TX and Daytona, FL. But even then, adjusted for age, you will see dramatic differences in how the attendees comport themselves. A lot less violence at white spring break parties for one. For example, when someone dies pledging a white college fraternity it is usually because they drank too much and expired from alcohol poisoning; whereas, whenever someone dies pledging a black college fraternity it is because they were beaten to death.

“Maybe it’s as simple as this: Black events are more violent than white events because it’s a black thing, we just do not understand.”

A Tale of Violence in Two Cities: Augusta and Biloxi A tale of two parties—The Masters golf versus Black Spring Break Week in Biloxi

Say what, Nigga?

Police investigate air bag thefts in Howard County

Thefts reported Wednesday in Columbia, Ellicott City

Robbers targeting Brooklyn's Hispanic community, police say

Just another reason to go back to your home country where you’ll be better off and where people speak your language. America is a stupid, evil, racist, violent, messed-up country after all. Don’t come here!

Residents often are not reporting crimes over immigration fears

City police investigate fatal shootings in NW Baltimore

Police searching for gunmen in Norfolk Avenue shootings

No Polish Jokes, Please

More on the Wisconsin Anarchist. In hindsight he should have stolen a camouflage trap along with the guns. Again, no Polish jokes, please.

Terror suspect Joseph Jakubowski taken into custody

With a Whimper

The story ends with a whimper instead of a bang. Joseph Jakubowski was taken into custody without incident.

Terror suspect Joseph Jakubowski captured in western Wisconsin

Gun thefts are up

ATF Report Details the Number of Firearms Stolen From FFLs

Thriving in Bad Places

When You're Food: Raw:

A Fighter’s View of Predatory Aggression: The Forever Autumn Press Edition

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Sam J.April 18, 2017 2:45 AM UTC

"...Black Spring Break Week in Biloxi..."

Looks like they moved it. There were several other towns that used to be spring break for Dindus. All of them eventually closed all the shops, boarded them up and got the police to ticket for every single infraction they could find until they moved on. Like locust they are.