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Fucked in the Head Award
By William Rapier

I thought that I had found the ultimate in white pathology for your reading entertainment. A Swedish journalist, Åsa Linderborg, has written that Sweden’s economy would collapse without the illegal migrants doing the work that Swedes won’t do:

Sounds mighty familiar, doesn’t it.

No consideration of the economic costs of illegals was made, of course, just the Pavlovian Leftoid knee-jerk reaction to the revelation that the terrorist attacker in the truck in Stockholm was a failed asylum seeker, about to be deported. In fact, six out of every ten unemployed people in Sweden come from a foreign background:

Likewise for Germany:

While I thought that Leftoid Linderborg took the shit cake, my example of hyper-white pathology is closer to home. My kids went to the ex-wife’s mother for Easter Friday lunch, because, well, she could cook tasty treats and I could not The subject got around to the Stockholm truck attack. The ex-mother-in-law, someone who campaigned for Hillary Clinton, said that it was understandable for the asylum seeker to kill people in his truck because he was set to be deported. As it was only right for migrants to kill people, there should be no deportations, and open borders, something even cucked Sweden is starting to question:

My youngest kid said: “Nanny, I have a homeless black friend (he doesn’t). Can he and his gang stay with you?” The lunch quickly ended.

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Sam J.April 18, 2017 2:52 AM UTC

"...My youngest kid said: “Nanny, I have a homeless black friend (he doesn’t). Can he and his gang stay with you?”..."

Smart kid.
Lili HunApril 17, 2017 9:39 PM UTC

What a proud parenting moment! A sharp kid you have!