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The Mescaline Fix #4
Dysgenesis: Southwest Baltimore

It’s the cruelest month and this is a special fake podcast, discussing the post apocalyptic ruin of Baltimore. Today we were given a tour to parts of harm city that even James has never tread. Baltimore is still a rather large city as things go but with a decreasing population and abandoned dwellings that look worse than the Hiroshima bombing, it seems bigger than it really is. Like a pair of trousers too big for some ragamuffin, it seems like there should be more people out and about than there is in actuality. It is apparent that many, many people of all hues and earnings are staying inside out of fear. James and I will do a little back and forth on this fascinating and depressing sojourn. My theme of the beauty mixed with decay is laced throughout this. This is a faded, rotting visage of a quiet, beautiful and well laid out city in the twilight of its existence.

No, we will not be talking about President and now disgraced, globalist puppet deposed God Emperor Trump on this fake podcast.

Mescaline: Well that was an illuminating and interesting ride through the Ruins. The most striking thing to me was how few people were actually outside on the street or driving. This is

bleaker and more grim than any Northern English factory town. What are your initial thoughts?

James: My goal when we went out with Big Ron was to walk the ground where he had his introduction to the predatory matrix of Baltimore city public schools. As monstrous as the schools were and as much as I was looking forward to seeing the neighborhood he grew up in Southwest Baltimore, our entire three hour tour with him was continually encroached upon by the emptiness. There was not a single block we went to that was intact.

Mescaline: Emptiness is the perfect way to describe it. Everyone, even the paleface denizens seemed like shadow people walking in slow motion. It almost feels like the passage of time is somehow slower here, like a sleepy little town but this place is anything but that. If I was not so jaded already, it would be more upsetting than it is to me in reality.

The garbage and refuse both inorganic and organic permeated the landscape constantly.

James: You notice that the people who were worst off were the homeless white men. Those guys will be camping out by the railroad tracks in the Gwyn’s Falls gulley, in the woods under the train trestle where Ron was telling us about the Pink Bunny Man, who used to dress up in a rabbit costume and kill homeless men back in the 1980’s. After seeing them and standing at the Dead End at the overgrown gulley where they live, I need to go down there and talk to those guys some day, maybe in October.

Mescaline: To me this was a living indictment of this whole fucking United States of Murica. The trash, the scrap metal, the empty row houses with plywood over the windows, the corner stores that had metal grills and dark tinted plexiglass doors that you could not look into. I think Truman dropped the bomb on the wrong city but that in itself is a farce. We have all seen the Meme about the Detroit/Hiroshima comparison side by side in 1945 and 2016. I can’t see how anyone can feel any pride in this country and then badmouth Syria, Russia and Iran. The war is here, not over there you stupid assholes. A North Korean will not be your slayer, but a Dindu who is worshipped and praised by the media will be the one to do you in

and if you get the better of the exchange, then the System will crush you.

You bet your bottom dollar I am anti-American and proud of it. The forgotten WW2 memorial we saw, stripped of most of its brass and with a hooker standing in front of it is the most fitting symbol of a safari that gave us many of them.

James: Right before we made the right turn that took us to the memorial with the hooker standing in front of it, Ron drove us down Parrish Street at a walk. It’s a one way alley with a couple of vacants on it, where Eddie Van Kirk, who was Baltimore’s best lightweight boxer since the 1920’s bought two houses and defended the street against the thugs in a city where he is not allowed to own a gun and he got gunned down right there in front of his house.

As a man that was my low point of the day, because to me it’s just civilization killing men. In a more primitive setting where everybody has their spears, or swords or axes or whatever, Eddie defends his street. But in our civilization, where Eddie has to make do with his hands and any savage can pack a gun, he doesn’t defend his street and it goes vacant. That’s because of cops, without cops, Eddie can defend his street. But with cops Eddie uses a gun and gets taken away from his children for years, but the savages that the government sent after him so that he could be driven off and his neighborhood could be gentrified, doing a couple years isn’t a big deal because they don’t have children and they don’t have a wife; they are just sperm donors for government children.

Mescaline: I really got a sense from Ron that when he was growing up it was a rough and tumble working class area but it still had cohesion and a degree of honor. I doubt an old white man would be mugged in front of a bunch of local white youth and that would go unpunished

James: The CIA fixed that when they pumped Crack into the city. They didn’t just do it to white neighborhoods, I know a pro kick boxer, a black dude named Mark who had 27 wins, who used to drive the thugs out of his neighborhood, until they all started slinging crack and they could afford pistols and they shot him in the spine and crippled him. As to your comment about the war in Syria, whether we are being told the truth or not, the CIA is managing that at some level. So you might say that that wonderful organization is fighting a war on two fronts.

Mescaline: What do you think this place will look like in twenty years, in 2037?

James: In areas that are currently inhabited by working class people, holding out, flying their American flags, putting bars on their windows, those neighborhoods will look like those ghettoes we drove through today. And the ghettoes we drove through today in Southwest Baltimore, within ten blocks of the skyscrapers in the Inner Harbor, those are going to be gentrified, million dollar row homes with parks and greenways where the currently remaining frame houses are still lingering. That one lone frame house with the fenced in lot behind it, has already been marked for development. That bank of row houses that we saw on Wilkin’s Avenue, the longest continuous row of houses in Baltimore, is prime real estate with only five vacants. All the government has to do is send five hood rat hatchers in there with section-8 vouchers and their feral, fatherless sons will clear out that whole row for the real estate developers.

Mescaline: Breed the Killers. How can this be resisted in a tactical manner like you always advise?

James: Within existing laws and media prejudice, first you need guys like Eddie and Mark willing to protect their neighborhood and you need city cops that live in those neighborhoods, which you don’t have because the city cops are a bunch of faggots that live out in the suburbs.

Mescaline: Okay, we have the alpha male against the world approach, how do we supplement it so him getting shot by a less worthy man does not end the whole enterprise?

James: To begin with the alpha male cannot be alone, he is confrontational, he puts himself out there. He needs beta males or followers that will support and supplement his efforts, but that’s not enough. Because when you just have the alpha-beta hierarchy that all the modern tribalists want to put in, it does not work, because it is based on the merchant mentality and the materialist ethos. What you get is what your got with Eddie and Mark, The leader who puts himself out there, which is the only kind of leader that is effective on the ground, he gets popped and everybody goes away. The real recipe for tribal success is to have a third kind of male with whom the leader has an understanding. I have called him the Taboo man or the omega male but he might be a professional criminal who lives in Eddie’s neighborhood along side the city cop, with the understanding that he doesn’t do his business in their neighborhood and in return for not being hassled in his neighborhood he does what needs to be done when the leadership is threatened. Basically you are talking about Doc Holliday supporting Wyatt Earp, with all of the tribal social mechanics well represented in the movie Tombstone.

Two historical examples are Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse (who was part white with blue eyes and brown hair), and Tecumseh and Blue Jacket (who was all white, a Dutch kid who probably looked like Jason Van Veldhusen in war paint). These two pairs of alpha and omega males handed the United States military its two greatest defeats in North America and good luck finding the first one in a history book, where one third of the US military was annihilated at the hands of red and white Indians.

Mescaline: I’m glad that the proper term for beta male is being used here. Pick up artist play a mangina’ misuse of the term as a weak, wussy that is too nice and gets no sex when it actually just means the capable males who follow and support the alpha as right hand men, where as the omega is the left hand man. In the end it comes down to recognizing the qualities of men who complement each other. I guess the real question, even more than tactics, which will always be fluid and ever changing, is being able to maintain the culture or subculture that maintains these different forms of masculinity. As you said in the Robert E. Howard post on masculinity, a sense of tribal identity has to be a part of that, but does not mean some blind, devotion to people who look like you but are not your allies in any sense of the word.

James: The modern expression of the tribal hierarchy is really only found in military units today (dressed up in civilian gear, but tribal), each military unit has a hierarchy of alphas that lead the unit. The most fragile unit is one with only one alpha. The units that punch above their weight are all alphas and omegas. The problem with the neighborhood defense is that the dearth of alphas is going to leave you with the most brittle type of unit with just one alpha, which makes his relationship with a taboo or omega type that much more important. For this reason, a society of men spanning different locations is desirable—a society—but it is repressed by our legal system which focuses on organized crime, which would put your anti-crime he-man society in the cross hairs of the prosecutors using RICO statutes.

Mescaline: The revolution will not be televised or even on the internet. Meet up at the watering hole or at the Burger King.

One last observation, the white trash aka “Windus” (all credit to Big Ron) seem to be evolving into a strange hybrid of wigger/stoner/biker/juggalo/hobo wearing no name brand gear with long hair and beards. Stop begging with cardboard signs at exits and intersections. Steal if you have to (that was a Spartan test of manhood), or better yet mug and rob Dindus—not the decent working ones but the ones that mugged your aunt and raped your cousin. Salvage something from your shattered life.

James: Amen and let not forget that this was all discussed over eight cans of Ham’s beer, an urban blight brew from Milwaukee, bought at 11.99 per 24-can case: working class swill for men who sweat.

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