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‘European Bodies’ Don’t Make the News
Sweden Terrorist Attack | Ingrid Carlqvist and Stefan Molyneux discuss life in ‘Absurdistan’

Molyneux and the other libertarian types who believe in the law of unintended consequences seem to accept that the media and politicians are mistaken when they make excuses for the criminals they coddle. In thinking this way Molyneux breaks his very own rule exemplified in the following dictum:

“When you hear hooves, think hordes, not zebras.”

When officials in a position to effect events always cry zebra and not horses on the hearing of hooves, in other words choosing the least likely explanation, should not we expect that these officials have engineered these violent outcomes via their savage pawns?

Personally, I believe that any society that accepts what the Swedes have accepted, deserves to be annihilated. To be a doormat and then decide that being walked all over is unacceptable, merely earns the Darwin Award bonus for waking up at your funeral.

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