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A Pick Up Line for All Time
A How The Blacks Saved English Dating Supplement

This is not exactly a lexicon entry, so let's place it under idioms, for them idiots that need to wise up.

As the shy woman, who has described herself as "built like a cartoon hooker," tried not to jiggle as she walked down the street and looked between her sensible shoes, the middle-aged black man in the convertible, who had immediately proposed marriage to her as she crossed the street, said, in his final bid for that fine paleface girl's attention:

"I work!"

Well, it might not have worked for Jaseman on that fair occasion, as the lady blushed and sped up as fast as she could without busting a seam, but you young fellas ought to keep that one in your lineup, seeing as so many whipper-snappers these days "bitch-up" and live off a woman rather than "man-up" and lay her down like she were meant to be.

That's right, Negro, and you too Oliver—that titanium pipe and them jackhammer hips ain't gonna last fo eva, Boy.

-T. Spoone Slickens with the lesson of the day.

On Bitches

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