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Schummed by The Globals
By Lucas McKane (Over-the-Top Adult Content—You Were Warned)

Searching for words to rhythm with a politician I despise—fancy that—I came across an almost-rhythm, “schum.” If there was a “p” welded on the end of the word, it would be poetry perfect as a description of the West’s plight. Here is a definition from

“To ejaculate forcefully onto a surface and then shit forcefully in a diarrhea way, on the same spot, and then mixing the two to form a cum and shit mixture, or schum.

Dude, I schummed on Stephen's bed last night. That'll teach him not to fuck my girlfriend!!”

Well, Stephen may or may not learn his lesson, but you can be sure that it will take some time for it to sink in to the American voting public’s tiny brains, that they too have been schummed by the cosmopolitan global elites. And, isn’t that an appropriate description of open borders and cosmopolitan values?

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