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The Future is LaFondian
By Eirik Bloodaxe

The predictions of escalating political violence made by Turchin, are being confirmed. I am in agreement with the article by Mr Beare, above, but would like to add a few points and plugs for the LaFond literary and philosophical canon, especially with respect to educating bonehead fighters of the Alt Right.

It is hard for those who have come from conservative backgrounds to get their head around the fact that the system is against any opposition in any shape and form, to globalism and its cosmopolitan agenda. There will be no democracy or free speech granted by the shock troops and bully boys/girls of the New World order, the Left and antifa. After all, as their hero V. I. Lenin said, “In political conflicts, the goal is not to refute your opponent’s arguments, but to wipe him from the face of the earth.” This sentiment is seen in recent antifa statements:;;

Trump himself is a globalist who only made nationalist mummers for the purposes of the election – imagine the insane rage of the Left against someone who really did oppose their agenda.

It is also a fact that the state, let alone the Deep State, supports the Left protesters. They have been free, since the 1960s, to get away with assaults by the thousands, while any from the Right, are fast arrested. Alternatively, the police just back away, when Left numbers are strong enough, and let the Right just get beaten, by sheer mobs:

These Leftoids, are the children of the elites and in a few years will be moving into ruling class positions of power in the Deep State.

Some from the Alt Right are fighting back physically:;, with a notable example being this:

Expect assault/battery charges and maybe a civil suit, backed by an infinite supply of pc lawyers. This will be something to think about in jail, when the predators there are asleep.

It will of course “come to blood,” (, but it will be necessary for the Alt right to become more survival savvy if they want to be there at Ragnarok.

The work of James LaFond is a valuable training and education guide to those in this battle. His fiction works, such as Reverent Chandler (2015), and numerous short stories give one a taste of the violent, chaotic future that the elites have create for us. His own accounts of life in Baltimore, Maryland (“Harm City”), and strategies for surviving in urban hells – outlined in books such as When You’re Food (2014), Alienation Nation (2014), How the Ghetto Got My Soul (2014), Waking Up in Indian Country (2015), At the End of Masculine Time (2015), The Boned Zone (2015), Let the Weak Fall (2015), Welcome to Harm City, White Boy (2015), Under the God of Things (2016), Thriving in Bad Places (2016), Dawn in Dindustan (2016), and Being a Bad Man in a Worse World (2017) – supply more than enough for the thickest of Alt Right heads, to acquire urban survivalist know-how.

The present mania for street fighting by the Alt Right is a disease that will only lead to authorities fast shutting them down. The police across the West let cities get burnt by pc protesters, but pounce on any white working class male who raises his head from the sludge:

It is far better than running out in the street in a rampage, waving one’s fists, to think a bit like Sun Tze, and use strategy and tactics:

Use private venues for meetings which can be fortified if necessary with barbed wire and attack dogs could be used. Make them come for you, on your terms, not theirs, making assault/battery charges harder to stick. Don’t end up like red-haired schoolboy Henry Webster:, because that is what the system has in mind.

Time for the Alt Right to do a bit of reading and thinking.

Thriving in Bad Places

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Sam J.April 21, 2017 4:35 AM UTC

Is anyone else getting censored from,

When I go to the page from here I get,


We cannot find the page you are looking for.

When I use a proxy I get the page.
LynnApril 18, 2017 11:09 AM UTC

Thank you, Mr. Bloodaxe, for this excellent summary. I would like to draw the readers' attention, as well, to which James often links at the bottom of posts, as he did here. That site is slowly being built up as a catalogue of all James's works with links to purchase each book. For now, each entry contains a short synopsis of the book, but eventually, a more in-depth examination of each work will be added. James and I also put up additional content there rather sporadically.

For those looking for a comprehensive list of the LaFond body of published work, check