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Walking the Snake

Like Judge Judy says, if its out in public its gotta be on a leash.

Man gets $190 fine for 'walking' snake without leash

Takin' Care A Bidness

A stash house raid?

Two 'blood-covered' men arrested for assault in Edmonton apartment

EDMONTON - Sixty-five charges, including attempted murder, have been laid against two suspects following an assault in a west Edmonton residence that sent a 34-year-old man to hospital in critical condition.

Police said Sunday the victim is "fighting for his life" after being assaulted in a suite of a condo building near 173 Street and 69 Avenue at about 2 p.m. on Saturday.

Neighbours called police after hearing a disturbance in a nearby suite, according to a statement from the Edmonton Police Service. When southwest division officers arrived at the condo building, they apprehended two "blood-covered" men stepping out of an elevator.

EPS spokesman Scott Pattison said at a news conference on Sunday those two males were taken into custody for questioning.

"When you walk into a building, the call is a disturbance, not knowing what you're going to find, and all of a sudden two blood-soaked individuals come off the elevator, that gets your attention pretty quick," Pattison said.

Inside the suite, they found a man suffering from blunt force trauma and multiple stab wounds. Several other individuals whose wrists had been zip-tied and forced to lie face down on the floor were also in the suite. Some of the other victims suffered non-life threatening injuries.

"It was a really violent scene," Pattison said. "We're really grateful to the residents in the building who contacted police so spontaneously.

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Cracker Bitch in PJs Packing Heat?

Yo, dat some ghetto shit right dere, Jarmy!

Gosh, people dress way too casually these days, don’t they?

First they show up at weddings and funerals wearing flip-flops and basketball shorts, now they’re robbing banks in their pajamas.

Police: Woman wearing pajama bottoms robs 6 banks

Drive-by Abortion

A drive-by abortion in Harm City? Well someone obviously cared about the pregnant woman who was shot, since they took the trouble to drop her off outside a hospital.

Pregnant woman, unborn child among victims in violent weekend

Beat Whitey

Well, whatever family ethnic folk festival it starts out as, as soon as the black kids show up it always turns into a ‘beat the white people fest’.

Unfortunately Facebook already took down the video. I guess it became a little to viral for their SJW taste. YouTube has more than one Detroit Greek town fight video posted. Hmmm…

Violent Greektown Brawl Captured On Video

Family of victim seen beaten in downtown Detroit in viral video speaks

Acid Attack in London Club Seriously Injures 12

It’s those Amish again. Everyone knows how they like throwing acid around.

At least 12 suffer serious burns after man ‘hurls acid across East London nightclub’ during mass brawl at sold-out Easter event – forcing 600 revellers to be evacuated

In Case of Dindu Riot

About frickin’ time. It’s 2017 already.

Flying car prepares for launch

Anna Holligan went to see what the Dutch developers claim is a world first.

Thriving in Bad Places

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