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Beating the Handicapped to Death—The New Sport
Jeremy Bentham on this and Other Crimes of the Times

What Happens When You Talk to Dindus

Life in Dindustan update. Don’t make the black kids angry. Even if (or especially if) you’re a crippled black kid.

Man beaten to death in park had special needs, family says

Police say a man died this morning after he was punched in the head during an argument at a Pennsylvania park on Monday night

Vigor Returns to the great Nordic Race

A change of pace. A middle-aged white male robs a drug store in Harm City for a change. Probably a desperate dope fiend, given that he just made off with “prescription medication”, eh?

Jeremy, I recall last year three white dudes in Howard County mugged a WWII veteran, which I thought was a breach of social contract, as beating the shit out of the withered remnants of the greatest generation is supposed to by the province of Reparations Recovery Agents. Well, we can always count on our dope fiends keeping us in the news.

Howard County police investigate pharmacy robbery

Investigators exploring possible connection from similar crime in February

Doing Society A Favor

Everyone now….Awww!

I guess the fact that there are plenty of other Hispanic guys in prison for him to converse and interact with was of no comfort to poor Ay-Ay-Ron, facing a lifetime of incarceration as he was.

“Guards found Hernandez just after 3 a.m., Correction Department spokesman Christopher Fallon said. The onetime tight end was taken to a hospital and pronounced dead about an hour later. Hernandez had been housed in a single cell in a general population unit at the maximum-security state prison in Shirley. He tried to jam the cell door to prevent guards from opening it and hanged himself with a bedsheet tied to a window, Fallon said.”

“Fallon said he was not aware of any suicide note. He said officials had no reason to believe Hernandez might take his life, and if they had had any such worries, he would have been transferred to a mental health unit. The Worcester County district attorney's office and the Correction Department are investigating.”

Ex-NFL star Aaron Hernandez hangs himself in his prison cell

Thriving in Bad Places

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Sam J.April 21, 2017 10:33 AM UTC

Beating the Handicapped to Death

The depravity of the Dindus has no bottom. If they could they'd be eating us like chicken and declaring it was all to stop racism.