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Do You Have a Question or Comment?

Since my doctor told me I had to start sleeping more than a couple hours a day or continue to deteriorate, I've had to streamline the writing process some.

I'm the only person who puts text content [I'm told I'm not be trusted with other media] on the site or approves comments, so I have stopped reading and answering comments, to save time. Charles installed an "approve all" button and I'm using it, which I don't feel good about. I will eventually read the comment on the front end and decide whether or not it should be retained as a footnote in the print book or, if it's a correction I'll make it then, when compiling the book.

This still leaves the questions, which really come under content generation, as questions are used to build articles. So, please, if you have a question about anything you wish me to address on the site, email it to me at and I'll answer it as an article on the site.

Thanks a lot for your support. I never believed we'd have more than a couple hundred readers. What a pleasant surprise you have been.

James, 4/20/17

Thriving in Bad Places

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