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‘That the Owner May Have Them Again’
A Watch, Chain, Seal and Said Servant Are Missing

July 26, 1764

The Pennsylvania Gazette

RUN away from the Subscriber Plantation, near the Borough of Lancaster, a Servant Man, named Daniel Kenney, aged about 23 Years, a lusty able bodied Fellow, about 5 Feet 8 Inches high, broad Shoulders, a heavy Countenance, short brown hair, curls on his Neck;

had on a greyish Cloth coat and Waistcoat, (Country Make) with white Metal Buttons, and Buckskin Breeches;

took with him other Clothes, and stole a remarkable Silver Watch, the Case set with Stones of divers Colours, and the Figure of a Butterfly on the Center. Also a Silver Watch Chain, and Stone Seal, set in Silver. He was born near Cork, in Ireland, and came into this Country last Fall. It is suspected he will endeavour to get on board a Man of War at New Castle. [1]

Whoever secures said Servant, Watch, Chain and Seal, so that the Owner may have them again, shall have Five Pounds Reward; or if only the Servant, Three Pounds Reward, paid by GEORGE ROSS. [2]


1. Daniel—and he would know this—is running away to join the Navy, which will own him every bit as much as Ross, to do a job so dangerous that even in wartime the British Navy only lost 8% of its men to battle, the rest to drowning, injury, and disease.

2. Daniel is listed as property no differently than the watch, chain and seal, and is worth barely more than what he carries in his pocket.

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