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‘The Curse of Financialization’
And Resurrecting ‘The Library of Alexandria’: Grace & Steel Ep. 78 - Talking with the Z Blogger

A few readers have sent me links telling me that I was mentioned on this podcats and was immediately pleased with the quality of the format which is unobtrusive but very potent.

Kevin Michael Grace has a face, which is nice to see on the Alt Right, that we are dealing with a real man and his ideas.

It was really nice to hear the Zman’s voice. I did not think he was from Baltimore. I thought he was from Boston! He gives a really clean description of Baltimore in particular and the evolution of urban America in general. You can tell by his voice that he is not a native Baltimorean, is clear-eyed of mind and carries a narrative with no circuitous rambling.

At 20-plus minutes there is an excellent discussion on IQ in Baltimore that tilts towards dysgenics cultural isolation and finally into diversity and the great white delusion. The host brings sharp points of departure and his guest is sharp on all of them. With the quality of program I’m surprised that Grace & Steel gets so few reads.

I’m putting the channel link up on the network page with an expectation that this will be a good place to go for discussions of timely topics. at about 1.00:00 the Zman discusses how we are sliding into a purely transactional society and I think we are simply getting back to our original American social template—the plantation.

Well, since he lives in Baltimore, maybe I’ll meet the Zman someday.

Zman mentions the Thirty Years War, so I must plug the movie, the Last valley with Omar Sharif and Michael Cain. The discussion of the literacy of the poor and associated matters at 46 minutes is at a much higher level than what the listener gets with the major YouTube voices on the human side.

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