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'Mayweather Can't KO Conner?'
'Really, How Can You Say That': A Man Question from Steve

"Mayweather is the top boxer in his class and Conner is an MMA fighter. What makes you think Mayweather can't KO him?"


Steve, Mayweather is absolutely capable of starching McGregor inside of one round, easily capable of doing it in three or four, and could possibly pitch a perfect 7-round shutout if he went in their on the hunt like he did against Diego Coralles—but he won't. If he goes on the hunt, Conner has a slim chance of taking him out, a puncher's chance. Those boxing gloves have even more impact to the chin than the MMA gloves. the only question is, will Money risk his money-maker, which is to say his perfect record?

Mayweather killed the hero in himself and became a risk management device a long time ago. Psychologically he is no longer that guy that destroyed the opponent, he is now a business man building and cashing paydays. The old English fans would have "cursed him for his dastard heart."

Unfortunately, except for the Latino branch of the sport, boxing has become thoroughly Americanized, which means materialistic, lacking soul, focused on low risk high yield dividends.

This could be a legendary match up, but it won't be, unless the man named Money looks in the mirror and decides he wants to be Floyd again.

Fast forward past the asshole rappers and watch this masterpiece of meat making.

The second fight, with Gatti is a matchup that would look a lot more like Floyd and Conner, with the salient difference that Conner stand up straighter than Gatti and be easier to hit.

The Punishing Art

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