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The Road to Hell
Jeremy Bentham's Radio Free Dindustan World Watch

Getting Super-Mighty on Whitey

“I think there are many times when it would be most efficient to use nuclear weapons. However, the public opinion in this country and throughout the world throw up their hands in horror when you mention nuclear weapons, just because of the propaganda that's been fed to them.”

– General Curtis “Bombs Away” LeMay

Wow! A super mighty-preemptive strike? The Mother of All Battles? The Thrilla in Manila? The Gang-bang in Pyongyang?

Oh Yeah? Well bring it on. The God-Emperor Trump is fixing to open up a super-size can of industrial strength whoop-ass on y’all. Or not.

North Korea Threatens US With "Super-Mighty Preemptive Strike"

Russian Audacity!

“There have been concerns that if a conflict breaks out Russia could face a humanitarian exodus from North Korea.”

Both Russia and China are positioning soldiers on their borders with North Korea as a precaution in order to keep out all the refugees they expect to come flooding across into their territory should the NK regime collapse.

Russia 'moves troops, helicopters and armoured vehicles' to its border with North Korea

Islamic Duality

"It is the nature of Islam to dominate, not to be dominated, to impose its law on all nations, and to extend its power to the entire planet."

-Hasan al-Banna, founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt.

“Intolerance may not promote progress but it can promote survival. An intolerant Islamic world may outlast the Western world that seems ready to tolerate anything, including the undermining of its own fundamental values and threats to its continued existence.“

- Thomas Sowell, 22 March, 2011

Like they say in Hollywood: any publicity is good publicity. Especially when it provides you with an opportunity to peddle your sanitized version of what the "religion of peace” is all about. Most Muslims we meet in the West are peaceful and reasonable people after all, not at all like the fanatics cutting off heads in the Middle-East. So it’s easy for us Westerners, taught to believe in the brotherhood of all men as we are, to swallow the dressed-up version of Islam. Kind of like getting sold a time-share condo. Like the people trying to sell you the time-share condo they can be very nice and very persuasive. Until you tell them you’re just not interested and don’t believe it’s a good investment, then their attitude changes dramatically.

See David Wood’s other YouTube discussions on Islam and the Qur’an. Everything an infidel needs to know explained in plain English.

The Two Faces of Islam: Why All Muslims Benefit from Terrorism (David Wood)

The Return of Slavery to Libya

The slave trade returns to Libya. Like they say, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Leftists though always insist on being judged only by their good intentions, never by the results they achieve.

“The Guardian reports that while “violence, extortion and slave labor” have been a reality for people trafficked through Libya in the past, the slave trade has recently expanded. Today, people are selling other human beings out in the open.”

“The latest reports of ‘slave markets’ for migrants can be added to a long list of outrages [in Libya],” said Mohammed Abdiker, head of operation and emergencies for the International Office of Migration, an intergovernmental organization that promotes “humane and orderly migration for the benefit of all,” according to its website. “The situation is dire. The more IOM engages inside Libya, the more we learn that it is a vale of tears for all too many migrants.”

“The North African country is commonly used as a point of exit for refugees fleeing other parts of the continent. But since Gaddafi was overthrown in 2011, “the vast, sparsely populated country has slid into violent chaos and migrants with little cash and usually no papers are particularly vulnerable,” the Guardian explains.”

The Last Country America "Liberated" From An "Evil" Dictator Is Now Openly Trading Slaves |

Famine in Pictures

“Venezuela's political and economic crisis has done deep and lasting damage to its population’s health. In the past year, 74.3 percent of the population has lost weight—an average of 8.7 kilograms (19 pounds) per person – because of food scarcity, according to a recent study by three of Caracas' largest universities (UCAB, USB and UCV) and the nonprofit Bengoa Foundation. The problem has its roots in 17 years of economic mismanagement and the gradual deterioration of Venezuela's means of producing, importing and distributing foodstuffs and other necessities. The situation has gotten so dire that Venezuelans have termed the way they've modified their eating habits the “Maduro Diet”.

"The Maduro Diet": A Photo Essay from Venezuela

Finally, A Pro-Gun State

In Gun-Controlled Venezuela, Dictator Promises Gun to Each Socialist Militant

Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro is giving guns to upwards of 400,000 of his supporters in hopes of squashing opponents’ demands for free and fair elections.


Attempted suicide by Israeli solider. There is a high rate of mental illness among Arabs. Add to this the endemic Muslim religious fanaticism.

“Hannah Bladon, the British student who was stabbed to death on the Jerusalem light rail on Friday, was standing by the exit doors of the train, near to the murderous Palestinian assailant, because she had given up her seat to enable a woman who was holding a baby to sit down, Israeli TV reported Saturday.”

“The Palestinian terrorist, Jamil Tamimi, 57, told investigators that he attacked her because he wanted to die and hoped the soldier who was standing next to her on the train would kill him, Channel 2 news further reported, describing the killing as “an attempted suicide attack.”

“Tamimi was on his way from a mental hospital in northern Israel when he carried out the fatal stabbing. He had telephoned his family when he reached Jerusalem, and spoken to one of his sons, who told him that the family wanted no contact with him, in part because he had previously been convicted of sexually abusing his daughter.”

“He told investigators that he felt he had “nothing left to lose.” He purchased a knife in the Old City and boarded the light rail at Damascus Gate shortly before 1:00 p.m. Seeing an armed soldier on board, he decided to attack the young woman — Bladon — who was standing nearby. He took out the knife he had just purchased and stabbed her multiple times, critically wounding her.”

“After Bladon was stabbed an off-duty police officer and a passerby wrestled Tamimi to the ground before he could harm anyone else.”

“Two other people were lightly injured when the tram made an emergency stop.”

UK student was standing near killer because she gave up her seat for woman with baby

Bladon, 21, had been sitting further back on the light rail; Palestinian terrorist says he stabbed her to death because he wanted the soldier standing next to her to kill him

A Bright Shining Lie at Dusk

A Partial Exhumation of the American Dream

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