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‘Pretends to Know’
Another Self-Made Fiction Absconds with Itself

Plantation America was utterly as materialistic in its worldview as our more rarified form of social degeneracy and this poor bastard had the gall to slip through its grasping talons.

August 16, 1764

The Pennsylvania Gazette

RUN away the 10th of this instant August, from the Subscriber, in Upper Makefield, Bucks County, an Irish Servant Man, named Connor Gleson, about 5 Feet 5 or 6 Inches high, of fair Complexion, and has short curled Hair:

Had on, when he went away, a new Felt Hat, Linen Shirt, Tow Trowsers, half worn Shoes, with Brass Buckles, and drab coloured Broadcloth Jacket, with Cuffs;

he is very talkative, speaks much with the Brogue, and pretends to know great Part of Ireland. Whoever takes up and secures said Servant, so that his Master may have

him again, shall have Forty Shillings Reward, and reasonable Charges, paid by me JAMES McNAIR.

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