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Captain America Will Save Us!
By Fred Beare

Looks like we have to reconsider the antifa girl fiasco, where it turns out that the sweet little dreadlocked porno model, was using a bottle as a weapon:

But, that won’t stop the “Amigo” from probably being kicked out of uni:, or from Captain America, coming after this former marine corporal:

Yes, the cartoon character in the red-white and blue suit, who wears his underpants over his tights

(, hopes that he runs into the Amigo. Good on you Cap, someone has to defend the virtues of porn models:;

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ShepApril 26, 2017 4:43 PM GMT+4

Damigo is a former U.S. Marine who did two combat tours in Iraq. Chris Evans is an actor. Place your bets.
Sam J.April 24, 2017 12:56 AM GMT+4

They dubbed her "Moldylocks". I decided after seeing her on hairy girl porn sites to extend that to "Moldlocks...the Bear".

I have to admit that I actually have no onus against pubic hair as I'm an older guy and all girls used to have hair back in the day.