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“A lie is as good as the truth if you can get someone to believe it."

- Flip Wilson


How do you like this? First the dindu confessed to the murders of his white girlfriend and her mystery meat four-year-old daughter on account of the girlfriend dissed him. He even told the cops Eminem was his inspiration. Then in the middle of the trial he changes his plea and his story and claims that ‘someone else’ did it. However, even crying on the witness stand didn’t get the dindu any sympathy as the jury voted to convict.


“Assistant District Attorney Michael Lonski said in his closing argument Friday that Fowler's claims of a "bogeyman" were absurd. He described Fowler's testimony as sickening. Lonski said the "spectacle of the child murderer crying on the witness stand while giving phony testimony" was capped by a defense attorney bringing Fowler a tissue.”


"Thank you for not vomiting," the prosecutor said.”


“Defense attorney Calvin Malone said in his closing that his client's fear warped his judgment, froze his reflexes and led to the mistakes he made in not intervening to stop the attack or call police afterward. "The situation became so overwhelming, he could not explain what happened," Malone said.”

Well like the man said, it’s generally considered a bad idea for a defendant to testify in his own defense since there are many things that can go wrong and make him look bad to the jury. It is particularly a bad idea for a dindu defendant to testify in his own defense. There would probably be fewer dindus in prison if they were not allowed to do so. Nevertheless dindu criminals seem to believe that they are persuasive. (Confessions of a Public Defender by Michael Smith):

“The Constitution allows a defendant to make three crucial decisions in his case. He decides whether to plea guilty or not guilty. He decides whether to have a bench trial or a jury trial. He decides whether he will testify or whether he will remain silent. A client who insists on testifying is almost always making a terrible mistake, but I cannot stop him.”


“Most blacks are unable to speak English well. They cannot conjugate verbs. They have a poor grasp of verb tenses. They have a limited vocabulary. They cannot speak without swearing. They often become hostile on the stand. Many, when they testify, show a complete lack of empathy and are unable to conceal a morality based on the satisfaction of immediate, base needs. This is a disaster, especially in a jury trial. Most jurors are white, and are appalled by the demeanor of uneducated, criminal blacks.”


“Prosecutors are delighted when a black defendant takes the stand. It is like shooting fish in a barrel. However, the defense usually gets to cross-examine the black victim, who is likely to make just as bad an impression on the stand as the defendant. This is an invaluable gift to the defense, because jurors may not convict a defendant—even if they think he is guilty—if they dislike the victim even more than they dislike the defendant.”


Ex-Convict Boyfriend Used Eminem Lyrics to Explain to Police Why He ‘Stabbed to Death His Girlfriend and Her 4-Year-Old Daughter

Milwaukee man convicted of killing girlfriend and her child

In the Shittay

Then one night in desperation

A young man breaks away

He buys a gun, steals a car,

Tries to run, but he don't get far

And his mama cries

As a crowd gathers 'round an angry young man

Face down on the street with a gun in his hand

In the ghetto


Elvis Presley - In The Ghetto (1969)

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