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The Smell of Burning Muslims in the Morning
By Professor X

As the Trumpet would say, “sad, sad,” or something inane like that. We all know that refugees, especially Muslims, are subjected to terrible racism in the West, when all they want is a better life for themselves, their wives and their extended families. And friends. And their extended families. And so on.

Migrants bring great riches, and IQs far beyond that of the locals, which is reflected in their almost 100 percent employment rate and willingness to do all the jobs which for centuries locals did not do and just neglected:;

How did that link get in here? Brain must reject, cognitive dissonance.

It seems that as a protest against injustices, refugees are growing “tired of racism,” and are setting themselves ablaze:;

Unlike the Buddhists who burned themselves to death in the 1960s in protest over the Vietnam War, the lighting up occurs with police and fire fighters conveniently already at the scene, to make sure no real damage occurs, and the protestor does not become a… no, bad brain again, grilled meat dish metaphors are quite inappropriate.

I guess we will just have to settle, in the money shot, for this golden oldie then:

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