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Preparing for My Ragnarok
By Eirik Bloodaxe

Our bad luck may be America’s good fortune, as North Korea is now focussing on Australia’s role in saying big fat lies about the regime:

The North Korean maniac intends to nuke Australia now, maybe instead of the US, or before the US.

Perhaps Trump has done another “art of the deal,” so that Australia can be a sacrificial lamb instead of the US. Sure, sure, nuke a few Aussie cities. Those fuckers are just expendable pieces of shit. Always have been. Now we will get down and work out a deal.

And maybe, instead of nuking one of our Chinese-dominated cities, North Korea will just settle for an EMP attack, bringing darkness over Multicultralia. If so, it is going to be big time fun.

Overall, I would prefer an Australian city, Sydney, or even my shit base of Melbourne, to be nuked than an American city, even Baltimore, if push came to press. After all, our prime ministers have said that we are pieces of shit, or close enough to that area:;

We have never been a nation, and really don’t deserve to exist, and in fact don’t exist, except for eternal migrant inputs. Nuking us gives the US breathing space. Australia should take one, or eight, for the team.

If Australia is blown to pieces, that raises interesting questions about our role in being “part of Asia,” which is the Establishment propaganda today. Will we still be a part of Asia, if all of our parts are blown all over Asia? And will diversity still be our strength, when we have instead, die-versity?

So, if it happens, and you don’t hear from me again, let me say, may the fair fare well. Keep up the fight, and die with valor. It has been an honor knowing you guys.

Odin and Thor, I am coming:

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