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Stick-Fighting Fun at the Movies
La Mano Breaks Down a Realistic Combat Scene from an Iconic Movie

La Mana does an excellent analysis of a movie that is more realistic in terms of biomechanics than is recognized, which is probably because the realism didn't throw up Kill Bill flags in our minds eye. The fact is, just as a small 60-year-old on YouTube can take down two big young thugs, so could a woman, in peak condition, if she employs efficient mechanics. Thanks.

Most of today’s movies involving a Super Femme are starting to put me

to sleep no matter how much “Action” is involved. The “Action” in

productions like “Nikita” or “Kill Bill” or any of a hundred others

consists of a 115-pound woman absolutely kicking the collective asses

of groups of armed, supposedly trained men literally twice her size

and four times her strength.

I know why this is so portrayed, and so do all your readers. The

Hollywood message is that women are really stronger than men, can

fight better than men, that they belong in military combat situations,

and it’s a new world where half-men are to accept submission to Super


But having read many of your articles and books, and having watched a

few videos, I now view hand-to-hand combat, with fists, sticks, or

knives, VERY differently, especially involving opponents of hugely

different physical capability. And I’m sure this has been analyzed

before, but I’m amazed by how “real-to-life” an older movie like

“Terminator II: Judgment Day” has been done when it comes to stick


Linda Hamilton’s “Sarah Conner” is in, like, the ideal physical

condition for a female that has to try to be a hard-ass in a world of

big men. She only weighed 110 pounds for this role. And I think she

plays it as close to reality as it could be, subject to correction

from folks who know more.

1) First, she breaks off a 2’ piece of mop handle and hides … and when

the 6’ tall 200 pound pudgy nightstick-armed guard steps into the

hall, she ambushes him, slashes down across his right temple and cheek

with a full 2-handed stroke from her left, then breaks the stick over

the back of his head. He’s down for real, as he would be. She takes

his keys and nightstick, and …

2) She surprises the next guard with the doctor. She tosses the keys

in the air to get the guard’s hands up, then comes in low with three

hard jabs with the stick to his solar plexus, so he doesn’t have a

chance to get his hands on her. As he doubles over from the gut

strokes, she comes up hard with the stick under his jaw, and HE’S


3) When the doctor reaches for the alarm, she just comes straight down

with a full stroke onto his forearm. He claims it’s broken, which I

wouldn’t doubt, then as he doubles over his arm, she clubs him behind

the knees to sit him down.

4) As she’s backing down the hall with the doctor in tow, another

unarmed guard grabs her right arm with the needle and pulls her away.

She, being left handed, pivots left to draw her left arm back, then

comes around with a roundhouse heel of her hand to his nose. He

staggers but doesn’t go down, so she gives him a hard shove to knock

him down.

And she’s done. That’s all she can do. She hasn’t been able to

kill anyone, but she’s hurt and surprised the big but semi-pro guards

enough so that she gets about a 30 foot head start and RUNS.

To me, that’s good stuff. I’d like for my wife (who’s got a good

wiry build like Linda, but about 2” taller and 20 pounds heavier) to

have the knowledge and confidence to be able to aggressively handle

herself like this if she had to … just make space enough to run, and

give the attacker a few doubts about whether to follow this wildcat

up. Good for guys too ….

La Mana, I once snapped a mop handle in half with my hands and I'm not a powerful man. Any fit, determined woman can do it as depicted in the movie if she abides the principles. Thanks for the great analysis.

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BobApril 25, 2017 11:04 PM GMT+4

I assume you guys like the baton fighting section of Styers' "Cold Steel", right?
BobApril 25, 2017 10:26 PM GMT+4

Yeah, watched it again. Great stuff, straight from Styers "Cold Steel". Heel of hand blow sure looked real.
ShepApril 25, 2017 3:22 PM GMT+4

Linda. Hamilton. Has an identical twin sister.

That is all.
BobApril 25, 2017 1:10 AM GMT+4

"half-men are to accept submission to Super Femme."

With respect, that's the message that feminism's ultimate architects and promoters would like to have one believe. *They*, however, do not labour under such nonsensical delusions. Rather, they maintain *their* patriarcal social structure whilst targeting their enemy's; women only the weapon. The real aim is not to have European-descended women rule over European-descended men (never happen), but to weaken white men of European stock to the point where the latter can be subjugated by a rival racial group which has maintained its patriarchy.

This is a fight between rival groups of male.

Thanks for the film analysis, I remember that scene, but I'll rewatch it now with new eyes.

In contrast to the action actresses, my favourite brawler is Mickey Rourke, and in particular his performance in <I>Angel Heart</I> (1987). There's a very realistic elbow-smash delivered by Angel (Rourke) to the shoulder/neck of the black Jazz crooner Toots Sweet, who has Angel in a bear hug from behind. Actually all the film's action scenes are great, even if low key.