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Jeremy Bentham is on the Urban Case

This All Makes Perfect Sense—as soon as you drop some acid...

Crazy Indian women go on a robbery spree in Sudbury, Ontario. One hits a sex shop and makes off with a two vibrators selling for $100 and $190. A hundred and ninety bucks for a vibrator? Wow! It must really give you a mind-blowing orgasm for that price, eh? Nearly twice what you get from the hundred dollar model no doubt.

“A pre-sentence report which was ordered by the Crown, and a Gladue report which was ordered by Michel, have both been completed. A Gladue report assists a judge with sentencing options for people of First Nation background.”

FYI: a Gladue report is a special sentencing hearing in Canadian courts for an aboriginal defendant to determine a rationale for why that individual should be treated leniently because he is not really to blame for whatever he did, no matter how shocking the offense might be to paleface society, on account of the fact that he is an Indian and it is unreasonable to expect him to comport with all of the white man’s oppressive rules.

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Vibrator thief told sex shop clerk she had HIV before lunging at him with needle

So Stoners Can Kill Wetbacks—kind-of...

Mexican drug cartels fight for market share in rising U.S. heroin sales.

“At least 35 people were killed over the weekend in Mexico, according to local officials, amid a widespread surge in drug gang violence that has driven murders to a level not seen since 2011.”

“The region, especially Guerrero state, is the site of the worst violence in Mexico as gangs battle over fields of opium poppies, which are used to make heroin. A surge in U.S. demand for heroin has fed the violence.”

“Violence in Mexico has risen to its worst since 2011. In March, there were 2020 recorded murders, the highest for any month since June 2011, according to government data.”

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At least 35 killed in drug violence across Mexico - officials

21-year-old suspect in police custody after fatal stabbing;0,0.319xh&resize=900:*


Baltimore police have arrested a 21-year-old man in connection with a fatal stabbing.

Officers were called Friday to the 1200 block of Walker Avenue, where they found an unresponsive 25-year-old man inside a house. The victim, Davonte Wilson, 25, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police identified a suspect as Ryan Harris, 21. Harris was subsequently found Sunday and taken to Central Booking, where he has been charged without bond with first-degree murder.

Race War Update

So he fought against ‘white supremacy’ by shooting down four impecunious working class whites? Men who were no more privileged than their murderer was. Hmmm…except perhaps that they had the benefit of not being insane, which helped them lead productive lives, before they were snuffed out.

Your skin is your uniform in the race war.

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Fresno Shooter: 'White Supremacy Has to Die'

Being a Bad Man in a Worse World

Fighting Smart: Boxing, Agonistics & Survival

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