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This Week’s Scrap Book of Madness
By Professor X

Why write a theoretically coherent connected piece, when the world is not theoretically coherent. Just go with the flow of cosmic sewerage. So…

Leave our Chelsea alone! She is predestined to rule the smoking ruins of what was once America, one day soon. Or, maybe Ivanka in her bunker: For god’s sake, Chelsea has returned to red meat in her diet, from whatever the fuck she was eating, and that is reason enough to make her el presidente. She would never ban thoughtful religious groups like the JW’s: And we would see all-female special forces groups on every street:

Are you still disappointed that Hillary got beaten by Don because of the Russians? Hell, for a few moments, I was too, but it looks like el Doña will be keeping his election promise to continue the fine American tradition, of Making America Mexican Again: Illegal aliens who crossed the border as children won’t be send home, because America’s first female president, President Ivanka said that President Obama’s “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” will be held to, because this is “a case of heart,” the princess cried. Indeed, she has cried so much that she does have tears left now for this:;

Anyway, with Trump revealed as part of the globalist conspiracy, Le Pen set to lose again, or win and become neutralized, even antifa protesters are struggling to find coherence in this world, and now protest just to protest, hoping that their version of the porno antifa girls can get a punch back this time:

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