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Puttin' Nigga 101 Down!
Harm City Hoodrats Are Comming On Strong—Expect Them in the Playoffs and Here's Why

The Ham City Hoodrats have dropped 101 bodies to date in 2017—even clipping niggas next to the Inner Harbor resort area—our boys dropped a body so close to Central that the homicide detectives walked to the scene! Go-on with yo bad selves, save the poleeese some gas money en drop some more at they door.

Harm City has not had over 100 killings by this time since 1998 and there were 60,000 more targets back then. Sounds like practicing out in Herring Run and Druid Hill Parks is doing a G's aim good.

Unlike the Spray and Pray Chiraqs out of Shitcago, the Harm City boys know how to lay a nigga down!

Non-fatal shootings are only up 27% over last year.

But dropped bodies is up a cool 34%, which means—get out the smartphone math app, son—that these boys in Bodymore Murderland have improved they hits by 27% and have sent a stiff across the coroner's plate 7% more often per additional hit.

If you all are paying attention, what this means is experience counts. Now that the new mayor has taken the poleese camo away, with all of those clowns forced to dress up like the chumps they are, ain't nothin' to a little shoot en scoot.

And do you know what the real good news is?

The boys haven't even pulled the home run hitters off the bench. That's right, 101 dead, means that we still have 34 known shooters at large who have not pulled a lethal trigger yet this year. And as to the math beyond that, if you want to know who the pound-per-pound Murderbowl Champ is going to be in the years to come, note how this shit gonna go geometrical—that's multiplying in Russian fo you illiterate niggas. Of last year's 135 known shooters, three was killed and one locked away, with no news on how many more came up from the minors.

That's right.

Experience son, gets it done.

-This is Justin W. R. Justice, Reporting Live, and proud to be back off the BLM campaign trail in time for this citay to heat up—global warming—sheeeea, we gonna melt dis bitch down. I'm done, ova en out—Andrew, Andrew? How you turn dis recordin' shit off. Nigga, I said I'm out ma groove.... No, boy. You done bought yo daddy dis niggatech, you s'pose to honor the senior warrentee.

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