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John Barleycorn
A Cracker Reverie with Ishmael

May favorite movie is The Ghost and the Darkness—but this will do:

Oink and the Darkness

Making a knife out of an old, rusty file.

Built a fire with oak wood, throw in the file, pull it out next day, after it cools, shape it, then harden it in a forge at 400 to 500 degrees.

James, here is a conundrum for you, my fearless foreskin. Boss hog, had me order this for our strainer at TPlant, I can make this on my lathe in less than a hour, 1000 dollars was the quote they gave me this morning, but not allowed to make a new one, this is frowned upon, go figure?

Swim on through that sea of idiots, my friend.

People wonder why contractor make so much money, it's a racket.

I have 2 inches of global warming in my back yard.

Snowing today, too cold to rain, memories are thick today, doing menial task, inside, muscle memory, experince, must be nuts, love days like this, great day to be alive!

James, have harvested spuds with plow, man could die with that other contraption, my Dad had farmed me out for the day, paying off a debt, the barter system was still used in these parts believe me, this was one of the best days in my life, learned so much!

Being a Bad Man in a Worse World

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