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Yum, Yum, Gray is My Favorite Flavor
McDonald's new uniform: did somebody say dystopia?

“Governor Santini is brought to you today by Soylent Red, and Soylent Yellow. And, new, delicious, Soylent Green: The "miracle food" of high energy plankton, gathered from the oceans of the world. Due to its enormous popularity, Soylent Green is in short supply, so remember—Tuesday is Soylent Green day.”

– Soylent Green (1973)

The future is now.

Working at McDonald’s comes with its fair share of hassles, like low pay and sometimes-rude customers. But now employees have another issue that’s literally on their shoulders: a new uniform that some are criticizing as resembling a bleak dystopian movie.

McDonald’s (MCD) announced the new uniforms earlier this month, saying it developed the two new “uniform collections” on feedback from employees and customers. As many as 850,000 restaurant workers may end up wearing the uniforms’ utilitarian charcoal grey shirts and pants, along with matching aprons and caps.

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LaManoApril 26, 2017 9:37 AM GMT+4

The average McDonalds, starting about 1977, is so cheesy, uniform, uncaring, and tasteless that I haven't been in a McDonalds in 40 years, and won't go into one.

So the workers could be doing a naked toe dance behind the register, or wearing chain mail, and it's not going to affect MY life ....

Let's all just stay away from places like this. They only survive because we all say "Well, whatever I do, it's not going to make any difference ...."