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Breeding Irish Slave Girls
White Slaves in America: Untold Hidden History

Many gruesome macro facts are well told in this documentary-style oration. Before viewing it keep in mind that the Virginia Plantations require about 20,000 laborers through the first three quarters of the 17th century. This expanded dramatically in 1673 with the addition of high volume African imports, which reached parity with the European slave trade in Virginia by 1710.

How hard was it to maintain a 20,000 person work force, arriving malnourished from the middle passage from the British Isles and sustained on a diet of nothing but maize and water?

80 out of every 100 servants died in their first year, which would reduce the 30,000 Irish sold in Virginia in 1623, to a mere 6,000, which was not enough to maintain production at the levels required for profitable triangular [England-West Indies-Virginia] trade. This total included those who immediately threw themselves off of the slave ships in their shackles to drown, upon seeing what a pestilential pit of misery and despair Jamestown in fact was.

In 1673, exactly fifty years after speculators began shipping 10,000 or more white slaves to Virginia yearly, in the entirety of the Virginia plantations, not 100 men could be found who had survived and worked off their bondage contract! Out of approximately a half million men fewer than a hundred had survived and gained their freedom!

The above facts put the white servant carnage of Virginia [keeping in mind that smaller Maryland had the same rates of fatalities] at 500,000 from 1623 through 1673.

30,000 Irish slaves were sold in the year of 1623 to replace the slaughtered Jamestown residents.

300,000 Irish slaves were sold in the 1640s, most perishing in the West Indies.

100,000 Irish child and female sold in the 1650s.

While this was going on convicts, POWs, political dissidents, orphans, kidnapped children, abducted drunks and captured penniless or homeless men [both states being a capital crime] were being sold out of Scotland, England, Wales and Cornwall, as well as from Rhineland principalities which had come out on the short end of the Thirty Years War [1618-1648] were also being sold in the plantations.

The 100-plus year history of breeding white servant girls with black slaves is the most nefarious practice of the period.

The video below is a short news piece on a black man who owned more slaves than most slave owners and was among the top ten percent of wealthy southerners—a black man.

The limitations of DNA ancestry studies—which signals the subject to less than 1% of their ancestry.

Stillbirth of a Nation: Caucasian Slavery in Plantation America: Part One

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