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‘Jap Bastards’
The Horrible Truth About North Korea | Michael Malice and Stefan Molyneux

What the hell was America doing in Korea in 1866?

One nice piece of trivia is that in the 1930s, on and around the Great Wall, the Japanese army, which attacked China on its own say-so—engaged in division level sword fights with Chinese soldiers! The Chinese were using their huge meat cleaver against the katana and they did well.

Stefan’s lack of military understanding is so astonishing it is simply precious. If you haven’t read about Korean conflict the Chinese intervention across the Yalu River is such an awesome event—yes, Uncle Bernie just kneed me in the balls from the grave over that… 35,000 to three million dead in the Korean war did not happen when I played the North Koreans in the war game by the same name. My fucking Chi-Com divisions killed almost 100,000 Americans! I would have been the real God Emperor. But even killing three times as many Americans as were killed, still did not get the land. It all came to a stalemate around the 38th Paralell all three times we played this game.

I really like the author and he fits well with Stefan.

Though Stefan's video was certainly aired to encourage support for war with North Korea, it is nevertheless still a good discussion.

For a bonus below is the link to Black Pigeon Speaks, who is currently living with those “Jap Bastards.”

6.5 million dollars a day to keep a carrier taskforce afloat!

Keep in mind, when going into this video that a carrier is a small city. Losing a carrier would not just be like losing an airfield and all of its planes, but also losing the aviators [which usually don’t die when you bomb their planes on the round] but also like losing an American town, when 5-7,000 highly trained—and often family-oriented—Americans go to the bottom of the sea.

The information on the Ford Class carrier, worth a small nation, is fascinating. I really thought’s they draw the line at the Nimitz Class and slowly phase out the platform. Carriers are no longer something you can use against a first tier or even second tier power, and if they are just for squashing third raters, why not use what you already have?

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Sam J.April 27, 2017 11:35 AM UTC

The people who run our country are idiots. Look at North Korea on a map. There's no room to maneuver at all and Russia's largest sea base is right there, China is right there. They could easily blast the whole thing into the sea.

Our foreign policy is so stupid that maybe it's planned for us to be defeated. I know it sounds crazy but what are we to believe if they do things so stupid?

It's obvious that Trump is a sock puppet for President Kushner.