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Buzz Bunny's Tale
A Question & Answer with Lynn Lockhart and James LaFond Concerning the Novelette Buzz Bunny

Buzz Bunny, by James LaFond, is a tale of bullying, friendship and revenge.

Thanks, James, that interview took an unexpected turn! I want to emphasize that neither the Buzz Bunny, which is a fictional story, nor James' methods of animal husbandry, which are non-fictional, are endorsed by the SPCA, or by me. Remember kids, spay and neuter your pets!

-Lynn Lockhart

Lynn, I am pro-canine patriarchy and that means knocking up bitches. However, in the interest of full disclosure, most of the ladies in my life have described my empathy for aggressive-male canines in another way.

Nerd Church anthologized Buzz Bunny in Rise, and that anthology is included in Darkly. Click on the Rise tab at the top of this page to read the first chapters of each of the three novelettes.

Buzz Bunny does exist as a pretentious book that punches way above its wait, published under my own Punch Buggy Books imprint.

My youngest son had four different wounded pets he adopted and tried to nurse, with disappointing results. I really wrote Buzz bunny with him in mind. Tamar is based on Charlie, a friend of mine who I also based Doctor Charles Carver Robinson on from The Sunset Saga.

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