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Killer Bitches
Jeremy Bentham with Two Stories of the Evil That Women Do

Get My Drink, Now, Bitch!

A deadly smoothie did him in.

“Sometime between Jan. 26 and Jan. 28, 2016, Gutierrez mixed a lethal amount of the sedative Temazepam into a smoothie and gave it to her husband, 53-year-old Eduardo Gutierrez, prosecutors said. Eduardo Gutierrez, unaware of the drug, drank it and died.”

Mentally ill woman gets 22 years for killing husband with poison

Mean girls murder in Manitoba

Two First Nation teenagers kick a rival to death and share the experience with the world. On the upside this trend toward posting video of crimes on social media is assisting the authorities in clearing a lot of cases that might otherwise go unsolved.

Video of alleged beating of bloodied, young woman shared online; 2 girls charged with murder

On Bitches

Your Trojan Whorse

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