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Last Whiteman in Baltimore
Jeremy and James Discuss the Downfall of the Liberal Urban Dream

This begins the Last Whiteman in Baltimore tag. As to the quote below, one should keep in mind that the poor blacks and whites who wish to remove themselves from contact with the criminal poor blacks of postmodern urban America, tend to have lower incomes and fewer housing, transportation and communication resources than those who hunt them, who are heavily subsidized and housed freely by the State, and who have significant supplementary income from crime.

“Like I’ve said once or twice, the worst problem with being poor in today’s America is not that you can’t afford to buy enough food, it’s that you can’t afford to get away from other poor people.”

- Steve Sailer


Escape from Baltimore. Interesting article. Here in the Midwest we are seeing a trend toward gentrification of cities both by childless yuppie white Millennials and white Baby Boomer empty-nesters. These groups are moving into the city from the suburbs and bedroom communities for the more active social life and more abundant entertainment opportunities available in the big town. Plus there’s no lawn to mow or driveway to shovel the snow off of either if you live in an apartment or condo. No home maintenance chores to concern yourself with, just where you’re going go and what you’re going to do today. So in cities like Chicago and Milwaukee the downtown areas are booming, with a lots of high rise apartment buildings being built, while outlying neighborhoods are gang banger war zones. Enter at your own risk. An advantage that cities like Chicago and Milwaukee appear to have is that the topography makes it easier to isolate the gentrifying downtown areas from the dangerous neighborhoods to a greater extent. In some cases they even built walls and dead-ended streets to limit access. The Lefties are wont to charge that Milwaukee in particular is the “most segregated city” in the country. As if that is a bad thing. Hey, birds of a feather flock together, that’s the way of the world . If you’ve got the money, you can live anywhere you want in our post-modern, globalist society, regardless of race.

Most people with money prefer to live where there is little possibility of being robbed and molested. Most working class people would prefer to live in a safe neighborhood as well, but have fewer choices available to them, naturally. The bad thing is the effect that the endemic crime in the black neighborhoods is having on adjacent white working class and middle class neighborhoods. As the dindu restitution recovery agents pick all the low hanging fruit in their own neighborhoods they launch more and more raids into the adjacent communities. Since the Leftists who run cities like Chicago and Milwaukee are unconcerned with public safety, the crime in the neighborhoods gets worse. Thus people in the white working class and middle class neighborhoods move out of the city into the surrounding suburbs and bedroom communities to escape the crime and mismanagement, while at the same time affluent white people move into the gentrified areas downtown and the hole in the center of the urban donut expands evermore.


Jeremy, the hole in the center of the Harm City donut suffers from inherent deformation. The only defensible gentrification location is the South Baltimore Peninsula, which is settled by affluent whites who work in D.C. I suspect the Z-man lives in this area. If he does not, he will be forced to move at some point as other gentrified zones are open walkthrough areas for hoodrats. The deadend streets and cul de sacs that you mention above, do not work, because the savagery of the urban environment is conducted on foot. A dead end will be threaded with a footpath which makes it passible only by the hoodrats and vagrants like myself and impassable by police cruisers. Every person managing, building and financing urban gentrification projects think like law abiding motorists, not pedestrian criminals and survivors. Every aspect of the gentrification process other than walls [mentioned above, but the subject of Civil Rates complaints in the near future], barbed wire and aggressive police patrolling actually accelerates predation:


-bike racks

-bike lanes

-bike trails

-signature eateries [whose staff will leave with significant cash from tips]

-tolerance of marijuana [which will be supplied by criminals]



-dead ends


-transit points

-sidewalk seating

-exposed interior front doors

-removal of indigenous working class whites [the ones willing fight the hoodrats] by elevating the tax base,

All of these elements increase and encourage predation.

As for Under Armour, they employ primarily, indigenous whites who live in areas like I live in, on the outer working class ring of the city, the last "racial dyke" as Stoddard would put it, between the true ghetto and the already beleaguered suburbs. This zone is already a no-go zone for non criminal pedestrians after dark. Even fit black men in their twenties are declining to walk or bus to work—it is that bad! If those Under Armor people—working class whites and blacks in their 20s, that are hanging on with their parents and spouses in this outer ring, give way, than vacants will pop up and the influx of section eight housing intended to empty more inner city space for gentrification will obliterate these neighborhoods. They will become instant ghettos and the remaining whites and working blacks who provide service staff for the inner city attractions [which cannot be served by savages and will not be served by the rarified spawn of the affluent] will begin to dry up as the combat commute lengthens from Baltimore county, through six miles of ghetto for a marginal job where one will be hunted after work. Restaurant and bar staff are prime targets for prowling hoodrat packs.

The other major player in Baltimore gentrification is Johns Hopkins, which is still aggressively buying up vacants for staff housing but has yet to reduce East Baltimore crime in these areas through its cooperation with special police details. The future of upscale life in Baltimore is:

-The South Baltimore refuge

-The heavily hunted gentrified waterfronts of Canton and Fells Point, which will be gradually taken over by Latinos operating under gang protection

-Two transit-linked islands representing the Johns Hopkins East Medical and Center-North University facilities and housing, patrolled by private police with city cops

-The North Baltimore mansion expanse, which will be heavily policed by private and city forces

-Administrative housing enclaves [where the Mulatto administration lives] on small cul de sac hilltops, guarded and patrolled by city police

The rest will be a howling wilderness or the blighting transformation zones, with the only balanced urban area being under Latino gang control on the Eastside. The only effective police presence in the wider residential areas will be strictly offensive and not geared toward community integrity, being Federal task force elements from the ATF, FBI, U.S Marshals, DEA, DOD Contractors and whoever else takes over the Drug War.


If Zero Hedge has it right, the gentrification trend in Harm city may be coming to a halt or even reversing simply because its major patron and investor, Under Armour, is experiencing a significant financial downturn.

“If you piece together the puzzle, it appears Baltimore’s outlook for 2017 is bleak. Residential real estate prices are stalling and it appears that the millennial generation who bought into the revival narrative could be holding the bag.”

“Across the country, millennials are flocking to urban areas, which is totally reverse from the prior generation of the great migration to suburbia. What millennials in Baltimore don’t understand is the current state of their community and the 50-years of decay will bring a lot of future overhang.”

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