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Beating Ancient White Bitches
Jeremy Bentham's American Race War Update: 4/28/17

Fill your hand!

Don’t mess with Texas.

Woman uses sidearm to fend off home invasion

She started screaming at the man as he managed to kick in the door and make his way into the kitchen. (SBG Photo)

SAN ANTONIO — A woman was able to defend her Northwest Side home and spoil an attempted home invasion Tuesday morning.

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The Japanese are considered white by SJW masters and dindu attack dogs, so they better get used to this.

The rest of the story about the depraved dindu murder of the old woman at the school running track in California. The old Japanese lady was killed coming to the aid of an elderly friend who was being assaulted by the dindu. She tried to drive the attacker off with her walking stick and was killed by him.

“Butler, the suspect, is being held without bail on suspicion of murder. He is scheduled to make his first court appearance Monday.”

“Dolores Hines said Petrus' friend suffered a swollen lip and scratches and bruises running from her neck to her chest from where the attacker tried to strip off her clothing. The friend told Hines that she was running to get help when she looked back to see the attacker kick the tiny Petrus in her head.”

"She's a very, very brave woman also," Hines said of the friend. A man who identified himself as a son of the surviving victim said she is recovering from her injuries but declined further comment and would not give his name to reporters.

"She'd been doing the walk for 40 years," recalled Dolores Hines, clutching a box of tissues to her chest. Petrus felt safe in the neighborhood, Hines said, recalling what she told people who worried about her: "'I've got a friend who goes with me. And I've got a stick.'"

Friends hail woman, 86, killed trying to stop attack as hero

Interspecies Proxy War Update

Proof that Windus can do Stupid, Violent Stuff Too

Rabbit Punch Lands Iowa Man Behind Bars

Cops: Suspect attacked woman after learning of his pet's death

Man arrested for ‘assaulting’ a robot, which called the police itself

Police ID would-be robber killed by employee on smoke break outside St. Louis 7-Eleven

ST. LOUIS • The night after a 7-Eleven employee found herself in a fatal early morning shootout with an armed robber Monday, a worker in his first day on the job at the same store swore he would never work the wee hours there.

“I want to feel safe,” Davon Dodson said. “I let them (the 7-Eleven operators) know I would never work overnight. No way.”

The female worker involved in the shootout had stepped out of the store at 509 Bates Street for a smoke break when an armed man tried to rob her about 3:50 a.m., according to police. She pulled out a gun and exchanged fire with the would-be robber, killing him.

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Police arrest suspect in Pikesville home invasion

Timothy McCargo is suspected of a home invasion robbery in Pikesville, Baltimore County police said.


A 45-year-old man has been arrested in connection with a home invasion Wednesday in Pikesville, Baltimore County police said.

Police said Timothy McCargo targeted two senior citizens who live in the 3300 block of Timberfield Lane.

Police said the homeowner was checking on his barking dog when he was confronted by someone breaking into his home.

McCargo stole several things including guns, the homeowner’s SUV and other items, police said. Most of the stolen property, including the vehicle, has since been recovered. A handgun remains outstanding, police said.

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Man beats 86-year-old woman to death as she was walking round a high school track in a savage, random attack

Thriving in Bad Places

When You're Food: Raw:

A Fighter’s View of Predatory Aggression: The Forever Autumn Press Edition

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