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NATO, Turkey, Syria & Sarin
Ron West's Latest Flat Earth Politics Briefing

Hello folks

Here is the introduction to the new piece, followed by the link for those inclined to read more:

A not so trivial social circumstance embedded in the world class criminal event of Turkey’s Erdogan whoring himself to the other NATO states in the Syria ‘regime change’ efforts is the following social phenomenon: Erdogan and the western democracies embracing Saudi Arabia and it’s Wahhabi extreme (dark ages) philosophy from which the Salafi al Qaida & Islamic State were born; Erdogan with apparent sincerity, the  western democracies ‘great game’ engaged intelligence agencies as a matter of cynical convenience, resulting in a compound fracture of Turkish society as the conservative (Wahhabi aligned) elements persecute the formerly mainstream Sufi Islam of moderation. This process will ultimately radicalize and has already polarized the entire nation-state of Turkey. In meanwhile, the CIA’s manipulation of the Sufi identified Fetullah Gulen provides Turkey’s closet Wahhabi Erdogan all the excuse he needs to wage internal war on Sufis of every persuasion, in his drive to consolidate power over ‘democratic’ principles. What follows is cynical description of bellicose and murderous developments both caused by & embraced by (behind closed doors), as well denied for the public perception/deception by the principal responsible parties, that is the NATO states. Turkey is the critical front-line staging ground of what otherwise would be an impossible task, the overthrow of Assad. Whether Saudi Arabia, Israel, USA, UK, France or Germany, all NATO and NATO aligned states contributing to the ‘regime change’ in Syria depend on Turkey to get the job done. Let’s have a bit of a longer look at how that plan is working out:

Ron West 

"The history of the great events of this world are scarcely more than a history of crime"


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Ronald Thomas WestMay 1, 2017 10:09 PM UTC

Hasbara Sam J, posing as his typical Nazi self, doesn't want you all reading with his 'move along folks, nothing to see here' ...
Sam J.April 30, 2017 5:33 PM UTC

I see nothing in the overthrow of Assad for any Western country or Turkey. The only ones who actually believe they will benefit is Israel and I don't believe they will benefit either.

I think all this chaos and killing will accomplish is the exact same thing that happened with Hezbollah in Lebanon. The Israeli's kept knocking off the leaders of Hezbollah until finally they got the present guy who's very sharp and ...well he's trouble. The last time they attacked Hezbollah they got their asses kicked. Oh sure they blew up Lebanon and caused them a lot of pain but they in no way submitted to the Israeli's will. They could not stay in Lebanon's territory like they've done before.

I think the same thing is happening all around them. The rough but pampered dictators like Saddam and Quadiffi are gone. There will eventually rise up a smart and seriously vicious fellow who will not care for planes and boats. He will only want to kill Israeli's and others will follow him.

The Jews treat everyone around them like shit constantly and then act surprised when they eventually are treated the same.