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Purging Whitey from Sports Media
Jeremy Bentham's Race War Update 4/29/17


“Apparently as many as 90 percent of the 100 on-air people let go this week were white men. Longtime NFL and NHL reporters are gone, while clueless, no-talent SJWs like Jemele Hill are not only safe, but are being increasingly promoted.”

“It's a straightforward case of SJW convergence in action. ESPN is no longer capable of fulfilling its primary purpose, because the pushing the SJW Narrative is more important.

“I quit watching ESPN a long, long time ago, although I had watched it from the early days of late night World's Strongest Man competitions and Australian Rules Football. It is somewhat fascinating to observe such a large organization so resolutely commit suicide in this fashion.”


The anti-white bigotry in the sports media has become as hard to miss as the proverbial elephant in the living room. Should you notice said elephant and dare to point it out, you will be dismissed as a crank by all the right-thinking, SJW Good-Whites. Natch. ESPN appears doomed to go broke sooner rather than later because it is alienating its white sports fan viewers at the same time its basic business model is becoming unsupportable. ESPN pays a billion dollars a year for the right to televise all the major sports. The network tries to pass this cost on to subscribers as much as possible. Consequently about eights dollars of your cable TV bill goes to pay for ESPN alone. So as far as cable TV goes you are not paying a lot of money for a passel of TV channels you don’t watch so much as you are being charged too much for the channels you do want to watch. Since few sports are regularly televised on over-the-air broadcast TV anymore (save for the NFL), fans must subscribe to cable or satellite TV if they want to get their weekly sports-ball fix. More people are cutting the cord and dropping cable TV service because they can no longer bear the high cost of service  and because they have become bored and disappointed with the content. Plus consumers have cheaper alternatives available now thanks to the various Internet-based streaming TV services appearing on the market. ESPN has had to make up for this loss of subscribers by increasing advertising revenue through longer commercial breaks, particularly during its sports news programs. This in turn is alienating more viewers. And so the death spiral continues. Dear White Sports Fans by Vox Day  Like it or not, ESPN isn't sticking to sports  Four poets on the new feminism


Friday, April 28, 2017

Dear white sports fans

Please to go away now. We neither want nor need you.



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PRMay 2, 2017 1:39 AM UTC

Insulting your customers while trying to raise prices is the worst business model there is. Leftists are trying to claim that ESPN is losing money because of "cord cutting." I wonder, "Why are people cutting the cord? Is it because cable, even ESPN, is full of anti-white garbage?"