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Jeremy Bentham Brings You the Murderous Creeps, Geeks and Freaks of the Week

Addicts maiming pets to get opioids


Updated: 7:31 PM EDT Apr 28, 2017



Veterinarians are sending out a warning that some addicts are harming their pets in order to get a form of an opioid drug.


Looks like a white dope fiend is the perp.


Brave store owner fights off robber in violent struggle

Mostaque Talukder walked away with 12 stitches following the attack


Harm City Man shot, robbed of scooter; 1 arrested, 1 sought. Teenager charged as adult with attempted murder

A bored dindu teenager with nothing to do to occupy his time. If he had a meaningful and rewarding job he probably wouldn’t be shooting people for their motor scooters, eh?


"This is now the second time he's been charged as an adult with a crime, attempted murder," Smith said. "And it's a sad state of affairs when you have that level of violence with young people."

“Cornish was arrested in January 2016 for attempted first-degree murder. That case is stems from a November 2015 shooting. For police it is a repeat patter they say cannot continue.”

"We certainly need to address it because clearly this is a person that's a danger to other people," Smith said. "It's frustrating to us of course but we have to do something about it because there's a very strong likelihood that he'll be back out and when he comes back out we need to make sure there are opportunities and resources for him so that this doesn't happen again, we can't allow that."

Man shot, robbed of scooter; 1 arrested, 1 sought


'You Think I won't shoot?' -Dindu Shooting Suspect Pleads Guilty in Beloit, WI

Bitches be Crazy Update. Keprecious?

“Beloit shooting suspect Keprecious S. Richardson pleaded guilty to two of the four charges against her, and her sentencing hearing is set for June 28. “

“Richardson shot a Janesville woman in the stomach in a parking lot in downtown Beloit on Nov. 6 in a dispute over a man. Richardson produced a gun and Dajon M. McClinton, 23, told Richardson to put the gun away. Richardson said “You think I wont shoot?” and then fired at the Janesville woman one time, according to witness statements.”

“Police had originally thought the shooter was in a vehicle McClinton was in, and pursued in a high speed chase. After approaching speeds of 80 miles an hour on Prairie Avenue, the vehicle hit a curb and rolled over. The driver of the SUV, 19-year-old Laveshia Burnett, of Janesville, was charged with second degree recklessly endangering safety and obstructing an officer, while McClinton was charged with first degree recklessly endangering safety and use of a dangerous weapon for their alleged actions.”

Beloit shooting suspect pleads guilty |

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JANESVILLE — Beloit shooting suspect Keprecious S. Richardson pleaded guilty to two of the four charges against her, and her sentencing hearing is set for June 28.

Baltimore rape suspect arrested at scene of assault


Courtesy Baltimore City police

Eron Johnson, of no fixed address, is charged with first- and second-degree rape, first- and second-degree sex offense, and first- and second-degree assault.

SOURCE: Courtesy Baltimore City police


Being a Bad Man in a Worse World

Fighting Smart: Boxing, Agonistics & Survival

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