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The Hungry Vagina
By Eirik Bloodaxe

If you run a women's studies program at your local community college, and would like Eirik to come and give a reading of his upcoming book, Twat Twilight, notify James at

Conservatives, especially Christians, should have very soiled adult nappies at the “moral decline” of the West. Oh, what can we do to preserve our sacred heritage, our constitution (which is oh so liberating and cool), and the family. Yes, the fucking family, that modern cesspool of feminist dysfunction.

We, neo-barbarians know that it is all long over. The bird has not only flown, but has been killed and eaten by another predatorial bird with an exceedingly long beak and huge claws. It may be a pterosaur, a creature thought extinct, but in reality has evolved to destroy us:; Or it just might be outright classic vampirism: Or, all of the above, in a human package.

People should not worry about employment for their children. Girls can get big money for doing stops in local porno:, just to get extra money for clothes, fashion and drugs: And, expensive medical expenses given the size of instruments to be inserted:

But, if the girl is really lucky she can be used as sexual meat by the wealthy in the Middle East:, with only a minimum of corrective gynecological surgery needed:

The sooner it all collapses, the sooner natural selection can flood its purifying waters upon the great sewer of postmodernity much like Hercules cleaning the Augean Stables:

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Sam J.April 30, 2017 5:23 PM GMT+4

"...sooner natural selection can flood its purifying waters upon the great sewer of postmodernity..."

There will be no purification if it gets worse. It will just get worse, that's all. Nothing will get better by it being worse. It will just be worse. It frankly confuses me that people think this. I think it's the hope for heroics in people who believe that somehow they will be forced to do something heroic if things become really bad but in reality it will just be...really bad.

The "I'll be heroic" is just the male flip side of those girls going to shoot porn. Thinking it will somehow be glamorous or they will make a lot of money when really they will just be fucked a lot and make a few shitty dollars. If they counted the dollars they made while away and equated it to the same time put in making minimum wage I bet they would come out better making minimum wage.