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Trapping, Milling & Parasitic Malice
This Week on Ishmael's Do It Yourself List, With a Management-Labor Discussion with James

If Mescaline makes it to Utah, give him my number, will find him shelter, women, beer, Whisky, spring rolls!

Trapper Jake

This is a video about a man born the same year as my father, will send you a copy of the documentary, men like this were my mentors.

The Passing of Trapper Jake


James, your advice or criticism is always welcome, the salary for upper management was 1.5 to maybe 2 times, more than the foremen, the operators made about 10 to 15 percent less than the foremen, depending on experience, hard work was a plus, now the upper crust make 3 to 4 times what a good operator makes, I noticed the disparity grew after the snowflake minded, replaced the old guard, I think this is a good example of one reason why we have the current problems in the workplace, they cry about equality for minorities, but shit on the blue collar white guys, they are not lazy men, most come from rural backgrounds, the operators are good men deserve more for their efforts.

Why do the weak-ass manginas dislike the operators? The operators do all the dirty hard jobs that keep this place in business, this was an area that caused me grief as a manager. They think, because of their position, that hard work is for chumps, I butted heads with them, why I refused anymore advancement.

We do not operate on taxes. We get our income from providing services to 6000 customers. But this has turned into another racket, remind to explain the workings of this fucked up system of rabbit warrens, I'm just one of the old guard.

To add, I would rather work with varg, and lafond in hell, than kiss the ass of the system, my hypocrisy only goes so far!

Ishmael, your question was, "Why do the weak-ass manginas dislike the operators? The operators do all the dirty hard jobs that keep this place in business."

Observe, that for my answer, I simply copied and pasted the qualifying context that was the second sentence, "The operators do all the dirty hard jobs that keep this place in business."

The master-slave mindset and its politics of hierarchal envy that dominate the American mentality insures that the management class, people who are essentially impotent and useless outside of the rung in the power structure they occupy, have an inherent jealousy for the working man, just as bull dykes have penis envy. Management is a parasitic process as envisioned in American Culture by its proponents. I and the couple other highly effective grocery store managers I have known, all worked alongside our people for numerous reasons, not least of which is morale. We were all castigated by the owners and CEOs. This is a religion to them and makes no logical sense. When I stocked displays in the front of the store, I served a security purpose, a customer service role, a supervisory role, used the activity for instructing clerks and upped the weekly gross by 17K. However, the owners insisted that if I would just sit behind a computer instead of thinking, planning, guarding, supervising and literally pushing dollars through the register on my feet, that I would discover cost cutting and volume increasing secrets unbeknownst to retail food. They told me this although they and every Baltimore area CEO had failed in this exact pursuit. Every supermarket chain has failed or sold due in part to the inherent uselessness of a Wall Street mentality in a dynamic inventory control situation. Yet there is no move to adopt functional management doctrine. The logical course would have been having me train other store managers on my program and increase volume by millions while improving all management HR, security and costumer service roles.

This hatred is an article of faith, Ishmael.

Management hates the working man for the same reason atheists hate Christians, the jealousy of a believer vested in a value system that does not work for those adherents to ancient ways which have always worked for their believers.

Grain Mill

James, this is what we used to grind feed for the chickens, Whisky mash too, in my dad's time, looked similar to this grinder, larger size you could dump 100 lbs bags of grain into the hopper, I was the kid dumping the sacks, doing this at age 16, they would back the truck up so you could work at waist level, would get my squats in for daily exercise.|pcrid|54869971724|pkw||pmt||&&gclid=COjgh5z8wtMCFVIjgQodmpQE1A

Learned from the old farmers how to mix a balanced ration for pigs, milk cows, cattle, sheep, chickens, how I acquired my job in feed mill after the mines closed, they could ship ore from other countries cheaper. Started on the mill floor, worked my way to general manager, rich moved in bought the farm ground, more money than the old farmers had ever seen, kids didn't want to work that hard for a living. I loved it.

Like you, hated manager job working for lazy spoiled punks, so here I am, still working at a midrange job, envy you at times, would never marry again, never find women like my wide type would have to go south, to Mexico.

When Your Job Sucks

The Ghetto Grocer Kindle Edition

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