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A Real Knife Fight
A London Transit Knife Encounter

This just in:


Shep, this is a standard two hands on one, shove your hip and shoulder into his centerline to keep his hands separated and yank.

When doing this fight his body and other arm with your body and send both hands in on that knife.

This is a good lesson for people who want to defend with a knife as well. The knife was an athletic guy the way he ran but still came up dry against a bigger and more focused counter-attacker.

that second hand is clutch in the clinch for the offender and the defender.

Nice work.

By the way, that butcher knife can be had for a dollar or two almost anywhere and can be used to sickening effect. The Bowie knife was based on the butcher knife. If the guy that took that knife wanted to he could have cleaned out that train. Fortunately the man with the intent did not have that level of function in the combat space.

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ShepMay 1, 2017 4:24 PM UTC

James—Although this is an impressive disarm, I'm personally not brave enough to struggle over the knife itself in that situation. The knifer might have a stronger grip than I, or his hand/wrist might be sweaty and greasy. All of a sudden he's yanked his arm out of my wrist-grab..with "unfortunate" results.

If I had a 2-on-1 on his knife hand, my plan is to stomp down and through on his closest knee, and if that doesn't disable him, then wrap up the knife arm and hug it to my torso, freeing up one of my hands to gouge his eyes and slam his head into something solid.

I know you've probably tested this scenario a lot in your Agonistics. Am I completely off-base? I just wouldn't want to gamble that I would be as strong/skillful/lucky as the bus driver in this case.
Mesc FranklinMay 1, 2017 1:32 PM UTC

Notice how the man who repulsed his attacker(also black but maybe west Indian, the african knows they are not the same) beams with a natural and justified sense of pride.

"I am an African, you could never kill me!"

While the weak cosmopolitan whites are gasping about him being cut and calling for the lousy coppers. Good Job mate! I would buy him a pint!