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Peeing Down Their Legs
By Fred Beare

Conservative speaker, Ann Coulter, was intending to speech at the citadel of university political correctness, Berkeley, but has now pulled out because the conservative groups that were backing her, have gone to water: The groups feared that there was inadequate security to protect the good guys from rampaging deranged Leftoids intent on silencing everybody who makes the slightest murmur against them. These pricks do this on every university campus across the world, and the only answer ultimately is to close down the universities. Put useful studies such as medicine in hospitals, with a practical focus. No more Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, which breed pests.

Too bad that all the good people sleep in the suburbs, the generations of men and women, who would fight for New World Order wars, did not rise up by their millions, and say; no more. Oh, they did their best, voting for Trump, but now, will meekly accept being swept like dust into history’s rubbish bin. Yes, I am talking about you, the 53 percent of fuckin’ morons who think Trump is keeping his election promises:

No wonder we are totally fucked, we live among the walking brain dead:

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