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Tools and Fools You Can Use with Jeremy Bentham

Dig the chick with the swastika tattoo.


Jeremy, you notice how she is gesticulating like a black chick?


Armed Nazis Descend On Tiny Kentucky Town

The country's biggest white supremacist groups were met by crowds of protesters in Pikeville, KY on Saturday

Protesters at a white nationalist rally in Pikeville, Kentucky — Nick Wagner

About 70 white supremacists, many armed with guns, held a rally in the small, Appalachian town of Pikeville, Kentucky, on Saturday, before they were booed out of town by demonstrators protesting the event.

White supremacists from the Traditionalist Workers Party, the League of the South and the National Socialist Movement — the country’s most-prominent neo-Nazi organization — gathered on the side of the town’s historic courthouse and screamed back and forth at anti-fascist (Antifa) demonstrators who were separated from the Nazis by police and barricades.

The white supremacists, the majority of whom traveled to the Pikeville from out of state, have been planning this rally for months; they looked at it as a chance to appeal to the residents of coal country, who they targeted because they’re predominantly white and, they believe, may be open to new politics after feeling forgotten for eight years of Barack Obama. Many of the counter-protestors also came from out of state with the specific goal of disrupting the rally.

But most of the town’s actual residents want nothing to do with Nazis or their foes.

“We have no clue why they would even pick Pikeville,” said Elizabeth White, who is in her 50s and has lived in Pikeville her entire life. “Why don’t they go disrespect their own homes, their own people, their own families?”

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Comic Intermission

If you’re going to drink, don’t drink and shoot.

“A man drinking a beer from one hand and brandishing a gun in the other opened fire beside a pool at a San Diego apartment complex on Sunday, wounding several people before being shot dead by police, according to local media accounts.”

Beer-drinking gunman opens fire poolside in San Diego - media reports

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