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Heating up Murderland
A Murderbowl Update from Harm City with Jeremy and James

Murderbowl Update... Hey, the Mayor’s tryin’ to make a federal case out of murder in the hood… what’s up with that?


Jeremy, I had two buck negroes try to pick fights with me on the first hot day of the year. It really is just heating up. With the police essentially emasculated and stood down, this will continue and give more cause for increasing a Federal police presence—probably the only thing our new Mulattress Mayor and the Donald agree on. But all they care about is handgun murders, drug shootings. they don't care about the old white woman strangled around the corner from me. When ever you want to know when the left and the Right will come together on crime, just look at the prime concern of both, their worship of our bipedal temples, their joint desire to have as many stupid apes ambling around in their feed pens as possible. make no mistake, when you go after handgun murderers you are avenging the death of the very people who will rape your daughter or rob your store or mug your son. This obsession with urban [handgun only] murder is essentially an expression of advanced negro worship.

“If the current rate holds, Baltimore would be facing 313 homicides this year. That would still be a decrease from last year when 344 people were killed in the city, but up from the 211 homicides the city saw in 2014. The rate usually increases in the summer when the weather gets warmer.”

"I simply cannot imagine what the summer months will be like with the crime rate being where it's at now," she said.”

Hot Town, Summer in the City… The Lovin' Spoonful - Summer In The City (1966) Summer of Sam – Kill!*750xx5184-2922-0-533.jpg

Pugh asks FBI to help fight Baltimore's high murder rate

Mayor Catherine Pugh is asking for the FBI's help in cutting down the city's high murder rate as Baltimore passed 100 homicides on the year this past weekend — the quickest the city has hit that mark in 20 years.

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