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'In the African American Style'
Two Illustrated Incidents from 1874 and 1879, Sourced in Self-Defense for Gentlemen and Ladies, Edited by Ben Miller

These illustrations are found on pages 135 and 134, respectively, in Self Defense for Ladies and Gentlemen, by Colonel Thomas Hoyer Monstery

Harper's Weekly, 1874

This illustration seems to depict a plantation in the West Indies.

In the background are palms, before which stand simple one-room houses.

Before these houses stand black women in long dresses with their naked children.

Closer, to the left, extending from the foreground, stands a semi-circle of black men dressed for work, a black boy with pants on and a number of white men observing and betting on the action in the foreground.

In the foreground two lean black men in trousers, barefooted and bare-chested, clash heads, one of the men leaping forward like an NFL defensive player, head first into the crown of the other man's head.

National Police Gazette, 1879

The illustration is shadowed in such a way as to suggest a night time scene with the reflections of the bystanders cast on the buildings behind them.

Two neatly dressed black men are seen looking on with concern as one of their fellows, named in the caption as Francis Langdon, dressed in fine clothing, who has taken a police officer's baton, head butts him in "the African American style" directly to the solar plexus, driving the cop back towards a fire hydrant.

Even the street corner of this altercation was reported, marking 140 years ago as a far different time than today, when even mob assaults go unreported and unknown by the very citizens of the city they occur in.

Colonel Monstery's Advice on facing Such a Foe

The bracketed comments are mine.

"If a man fights you in the negro style, trying to butt you in the stomach, he is not so much to be feared. There is no science in him. Wait for him, right foot foremost, and strike up the right knee with all your force in his face, holding both your hands open to shield the "mark," [your solar plexus] and stooping forward. [This would allow an easy sprawl, driving his face into the floor after the knee.] The knee will sicken any man, even a negro, from butting, unless he is enormously powerful and you very weak, in which case it is life or death, and a pistol the best protection."

Twerps, Goons and Meatshields: The Basics of Full Contact Stick-Fighting

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ShepMay 3, 2017 4:39 PM UTC

Evidently the Dindus don't consider the head to be a vital area, so they train it as a primary striking tool: