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Sexual Assault is Cool
( if You Grew Up in a Different Culture) By William Rapier

A teenager who immigrated to Australia from Afghanistan has escaped jail after pleading guilty to assaulting eight women and girls on a surfers Paradise beach in January 2016. It was all because he grew up in a different culture, the wise court held. Seeing girls in bikinis was different to what he normally saw. So, no conviction and two years’ probation. Lacking all freewill and agency, he was unable to control his urges. But, if an Anglo was to suddenly rebel against the racial genocide of their people by a verbal public display, they would be thrown into irons and cast into the pc dungeons of the Dark Regime under soviet-style race-hate laws:

My guess is that Mr No-Conviction will be in the running for multicultural citizen of the year award. Give him the keys to the city! Hell, why not make him minister for women’s affairs!

This is a drop in the ocean compared to the way “white fella” courts are feather soft on Aboriginals’ sexual and domestic violence:;;

White feminists do quite a song and dance screaming “racism” about the Aboriginal women concerned about this issue: For them, only racist white males can be violent.

Here is an American example of this brainwashed insanity: These are the future elites set to run the system further into the ground, and wreck your life.

This is sure one fucked-up planet. It is so far gone that the madness is now turning on itself, like those drug folk who scratch at their own skin (excoriation skin-picking disorder) tearing great holes in themselves: Creepy and disturbing, indeed.

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