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Wales, a Wildlife Park for Whales?
By Fred Beare

No, I got that one wrong, probably due to psycho-political warfare overload. You know, hearing the sounds of shot and shell all day ricocheting in

my head. Alternatively, identifying as a bear, I was genetically predisposed to hear “whales,” the nearest sounding mammal to “Wales,” whatever.

Politicians in Wales, UK, are campaigning their butts off to make Wales into the world’s first “nation of sanctuary” for refugees and asylum seekers:

The elites have no support from the majority of people for this, but their attitude, as always is: fuck you! We will do what we want!

“A substantial poll carried out for WalesOnline by YouGov in 2014 found that 68 per cent of people believe immigration controls should be tighter, compared with 5 per cent who believe they should be relaxed.

41 per cent of respondents also believed that immigration has damaged Wales, with 18 per cent saying the damage has been “very bad”. This compares with 22 per cent who said immigration has benefited Wales, with just 5 per saying the effects have been “very good.”

Feel free to fight back against this, any time you want.

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