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Globalists Declare, America Must Die!
By Professor X

US Neo-con president Jared Kushner, the man who effectively runs Don Trump, who should be called Donald Duck, or Donald Cuck (alluding to his own comments that he is “the Donald,” not Donald Duck), has dispatched a whole heap of US war ships to the Korean Peninsula, on the face of it, to stop North Korea making more nuclear missile tests. It is a bit of a gamble because, this fleet of boats is a tasty target, and could be worth a nuke. Sure, the birdie could be shot down, but what if the bomb is timed to explode when it is hit by bullets, lasers, or even rotten bananas?

Russia and China have sent spy ships to the area as well, presumably to thwart the Americans. They may well be able to do this, as Russia claims to have a device that turns US weapons into just plain junk, according to an article published in the UK This electronic warfare device can eliminate the entire US Navy in one hit, disabling planes, ships, missiles and satellites. The Russians claim that a few years ago a Russian warplane disabled the USS Donald Cook’s destroyer systems, while the ship was in the Black Sea. I am really beginning to dislike the name “Donald.”

This could be Russian bs, or it could be true. After all, under Obama, the US spent most of its energy on issues such as transgender bathrooms rather than increasing military technological sophistication.

It is highly likely that China also has such a system, or even more advanced ones. Since little is made in America, and almost everything made in China, no doubt sleeper bugs have been put in the IT of most US defence weapons: They may grind to an embarrassing halt, thanks to globalism and the dreams of the cosmopolitan elites.

Imagine losing a war, without a single shot being fired; if that is not being cucked, what is?

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